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joe biden

Biden assaulted these reporters in one sickening way

Joe Biden's relationship with the media is deteriorating fast. But no one thought it would come to this. And Biden assaulted these reporters in one...
Donald Trump

Trump’s attorney just put his foot in his mouth in the most embarrassing way

Donald Trump has hired the best lawyers to defend him in court. That's what makes this blunder so astonishing. Because Trump's attorney just put his...
joe biden

Joe Biden hit with stunning accusations of high treason

Impeachment may be inevitable for President Joe Biden. Especially after this bombshell. Because Joe Biden's been hit with stunning accusations of high treason. Over the past...
us capitol building

Friendly fire in the U.S. Senate has the Republican Party in an uproar

Republicans stick with Republicans, and Democrats stick with Democrats. That's how the game is usually played. But friendly fire in the U.S. Senate has the...
Joe Biden

U.S. Senator puts Joe Biden on blast for this massive mistake

President Biden's failures can't be hidden any longer. Even Democrats are starting to turn on him. Because now a U.S. Senator has put Joe Biden...
Dianne Feinstein

Feinstein’s office just released tragic news

The ailing senator made headlines for months. Now it's all come to a head. And Feinstein's office just released tragic news. According to a source, California...

Impeachment rumors rattle Capitol Hill to its core

The worst thing you can do to a politician is take his job. They live for the limelight. That's why these impeachment rumors rattled Capitol...
Kamala Harris

Joe Biden is furious with Kamala Harris for making this idiotic mistake

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not on the same page. Vice President Kamala Harris is constantly going rogue. And now Joe Biden is furious...
Joe Biden

President Biden got slapped with a huge lawsuit that completely blindsided him

The Biden administration has run amok of the federal justice agencies. But the President is about to pay the consequences. Because Joe Biden got slapped...
Joe Biden

Border Patrol publishes incriminating report that has Biden dead to rights

Biden's border crisis is worse than the White House is letting on. But now he has nowhere to hide. And Border Patrol published an incriminating...


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