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tulsi gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard reveals the final straw that made her leave the Democrat Party

As the Democrat Party goes further Left, some are jumping ship. Tulsi Gabbard took the plunge, and she's telling all. And Tulsi Gabbard just revealed...

Kamala Harris makes a massive decision for Joe Biden he isn’t going to like

Vice President Kamala Harris is in huge trouble. She wasn't supposed to do this. And Kamala Harris has made a massive decision for Joe Biden...
joe biden

Joe Biden ensnared in multi-million dollar business scandal

No doubt the Biden family is corrupt and hiding something. The American people are finally getting answers after all these years. And Joe Biden is...
Jon Tester

Corrupt Democrat Senator exposed by government watchdog

The Washington, D.C. swamp is alive and well. But they just lost one of their own. And this corrupt Democrat Senator was exposed by government...
joe biden

A Federal court just delivered Joe Biden a massive loss

Biden's administration is unraveling day by day. He's hanging on by a thread. And a Federal court just delivered Joe Biden a massive loss. President Joe...
donald trump

Donald Trump left the establishment speechless with one sentence

Former President Trump has been hot on the campaign trail. He'll stop at nothing to stop the Left and get back into the White...
joe biden

Proof of Joe Biden’s treason has been revealed for all to see

Joe Biden said he'd be a "scandal-free" President. That was a bald-faced lie. Because proof of Joe Biden's treason has been revealed for all to...
kamala harris

Kamala Harris was chased down the street in shocking video

Vice President Kamala Harris has kept a low profile for good reason. She was terrified this would happen. And Kamala Harris was chased down the...
joe biden

Joe Biden’s presidency is over after Republicans found this intel about him

The Biden White House has become shrouded in scandals. It's only going to get worse for Joe. And now Joe Biden's presidency is over after...
charlie kirk

Conservative speaker attacked by Antifa mob in terrifying assault

The Left is getting more violent by the day. There's no telling how far they'll go. And a Conservative speaker was attacked by an Antifa...


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