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Democrats are kicking and screaming after this stunning truth about 2024 just broke

The reality that the Democrats' agenda has stalled to a halt is starting to sink in. But they just got even more bad news. And...
Ken Griffin

Donald Trump is fuming after he got the shock of his life

Former President Donald Trump has been teasing another run for office for weeks. But he wasn't expecting this to happen. And Donald Trump is fuming...

Nancy Pelosi heard this rumor that sent her into a total frenzy

Old-guard Democrat Nancy Pelosi has been falling out of grace, not that she had much, to begin with. Her antics have tanked her approval...
Elon Musk

Conservatives are fuming after Elon Musk double-crossed them in his latest announcement

After acquiring Twitter for a hefty $44 billion price tag, many thought Elon Musk would completely change the platform. Now they're seeing those changes...
Joe Biden

Joe Biden put America at risk with this one dangerous move

The Biden administration has ignored all the warning signs about the economy so far. But now it might be too late to course correct. Because...
Joe Biden

All hell broke loose after Joe Biden drew this line in the sand

The midterm elections are just days away, and the Democrats have a crisis on their hands. They're doing everything to save their flagging majorities. And...
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton made an accusation on live television that no one saw coming

Ever since she lost in 2016, Hillary Clinton has largely been playing in the background. But lately, she's been making her rounds in the...
Joe Biden

Democrats are reeling after being blindsided with this nasty surprise

Leading Leftists are in danger of losing their majorities in just a few days. They didn't think it could get any worse. But now Democrats...

A major Democrat went on CNN and made the most unbelievable statement ever

CNN is known for being historically extremely nice to Democrats compared to their conservative counterparts. They give Democrats softball questions and hammer Republicans like...

When you see Nancy Pelosi’s new position, you’ll be furious

The upcoming elections in November are giving Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic allies in Congress serious anxiety. But Pelosi is getting help from Joe...

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