Leftists across the nation stab Biden in the back after brutal showing at the debate

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Democrats are in panic mode. They know that Joe Biden is unfit to serve as commander-in-chief.

And Leftists across the nation have stabbed Biden in the back after a brutal showing at the debate.

In the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s recent debate with former President Donald Trump, a noticeable shift is taking place among Democrats running in down-ballot 2024 races.

Biden’s performance, marked by apparent cognitive lapses, has sparked concerns and strategic reevaluations within the party.

A report by Dietsch Axios highlights that Democrats in swing districts and other close races are contemplating the decision to distance themselves from the president.

The hesitation to align with Biden is palpable, with one anonymous House Democrat revealing plans for “frantic efforts” to avoid the Bidens during campaign season. “I don’t ever want to see him here,” the lawmaker candidly expressed, adding that major donors are “furious” and urging Biden to step aside.

Another House Democrat, also speaking anonymously, echoed this sentiment, noting that members in swing districts are “freaking out” about Biden’s potential impact on their campaigns. A different representative voiced concerns about the broader implications, stating, “I’m not a frontliner, but Trump could expand [the electoral map] to a point where I’m in a 1- or 2-point race.”

As detailed by Axios, “Distancing from an unpopular president is a well-worn strategy in congressional races, but Biden’s unique political vulnerabilities as the oldest president in history have given the dynamic a new dimension.”

“While congressional Democrats have generally polled ahead of Biden this cycle, fears are mounting that his unpopularity will be an inescapable drag on their races.”

“While some members openly acknowledged Biden’s poor performance, many swing district House Democrats put their backs into dodging questions about it at the Capitol on Friday, with one even reportedly appearing to fake a phone call.”

Despite the concerns, the Biden campaign is maintaining a front of confidence. Since the debate, they have asserted that the president’s standing in battleground states and his fundraising capabilities remain robust. As reported by Breitbart News, the Biden family is adamant that Joe Biden should continue his bid for a second term.

“While many donors, Democrat officials, and voters were left questioning if Biden would be able to serve a second term as president and calling for Biden to be replaced, the Biden family is reportedly encouraging the president ‘to stay in the race and keep fighting,’ several anonymous sources close to the situation told the outlet,” the report said.

“Hunter Biden was described as being ‘one of the strongest voices’ encouraging the president not to drop out of the presidential race,” it added.

This internal party tension underscores the challenges facing Democrats as they navigate the 2024 election landscape, balancing loyalty to the incumbent president with the pragmatic need to secure electoral victories.

The Left has also been involved with infighting relating to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Some members in the Democrat Party are fully onboard with supporting Israel, while others, like Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), have been very anti-Israel.

That conflict has added yet another divisive issue that the Left is currently battling each other on.

So on top of infighting relating to the Israel-Hamas war, Democrats now have to deal with tensions relating to Biden’s clear cognitive decline and whether or not the party should look for other options as their nominee.

All in all, these internal issues could lead to devastating defeats for the Left come election day.

And that would be great news for conservatives.

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