New report details Michelle Obama’s shocking involvement in the 2024 election

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Democrats are desperate to win the presidential race in November. And Michelle may be their answer.

But a new report has detailed Michelle Obama’s shocking involvement in the 2024 election.

There’s been many rumors that former first lady Michelle Obama might replace Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee for president.

And while many Leftists would rejoice at that idea, Michelle’s team has denied those rumors multiple times.

But that still isn’t going to stop people from speculating.

And now we may finally have an answer regarding the former first lady’s official role in the 2024 presidential race.

Michelle Obama Rocky Relationship with the Biden Campaign

Michelle Obama is reportedly hesitant to publicly campaign for President Biden’s re-election, partly due to the Biden family’s treatment of her close friend, Kathleen Buhle, following Buhle’s divorce from Hunter Biden.

According to a new report from Axios, Michelle has largely stayed away from the 2024 campaign trail, expressing frustration in private over Buhle’s apparent exclusion from the Biden family.

Two sources familiar with the situation revealed that Michelle’s dislike for partisan politics also contributes to her reluctance to campaign this election cycle.

Michelle’s well-documented friendship with Buhle goes back to the Obama administration.

Hunter Biden, who split from Buhle in 2017, mentioned in his memoir that Michelle and his ex-wife had a close relationship, often working out together at the gym and sharing evening cocktails at the White House.

Buhle accused Hunter of cheating and squandering the family’s savings on drugs and pr*stitutes.

She relied heavily on Michelle for support during the messy divorce proceedings. During that time, Michelle reportedly confided to friends that she believed Buhle had been wronged by the Biden family after obscene details of her 22-year marriage to Hunter came out.

A White House spokesman shot down those rumors, stating, “The Biden and Obama families are like family to one other, and whoever made these claims about that relationship isn’t familiar with it.”

A representative for Michelle Obama affirmed her support for Biden’s re-election campaign and maintained that she still remains friends with both Kathleen and the Bidens.

“Two things can be true,” the rep added.

Despite her support, Michelle has been notably absent from the campaign trail.

She has not joined her husband at several fundraisers or appeared in various videos endorsing Biden. However, she did re-post Biden’s 2024 White House bid announcement on social media.

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