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Ken Cuccinelli

Trump official makes startling claim about Ron DeSantis

There's no doubt that Trump and DeSantis are the strongest candidates for President. It's going to get heated between those two. Especially because a Trump...
ron desantis

Joe Biden is sweating bullets after getting blindsided by this 2024 news

The future of the Biden presidency is dangling by a thread. And America may have just gotten its answer. And now Joe Biden is sweating...
joe biden

This video of Joe Biden holding on for dear life is hard to watch

Something very concerning is going on with Joe Biden. Americans are scared. As this video of Joe Biden holding on for dear life is simply...
Jill Biden

Jill Biden just defiled the White House forever

It's not just Joe Biden causing major damage to America every day. It's also his wife. Because Jill Biden just defiled the White House forever...
Jim Jordan

This appalling video could send a top Democrat down in flames

Democrats are known for doing unethical things. But now we have it on film. And this appalling video could send a top Democrat down in...
joe biden

One massive Biden failure just got Americans killed

Joe Biden's presidency has been a disaster for America. Now it's turning deadly. And one massive Biden failure just got Americans killed. The Biden administration has...
gavin newsom

A top Democrat revealed a shocking diagnosis that changes everything

The Democrat Party is in desperate need of talent for the 2024 elections. But one of their stars made a bombshell revelation. And a top...
Bryan Slaton

Texas just sent President Biden a notice that has Washington, D.C. on fire

President Biden has been one of the most divisive presidents in American history. But some are standing up to his authoritarianism. And Texas just sent...
joe biden

Joe Biden fell ill when the CIA warned him about this Chinese invasion

Many believe a major world war is right around the corner. China could be planning it right now. And Joe Biden fell ill when the...
cori bush

Cori Bush doles out thousands to “blood ritual” performing spiritual guru

Cori Bush and others from the radical "Squad" in Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez usually make headlines for pushing socialist policies. But Cori Bush is...


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