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chuck schumer

A County Sheriff just changed Chuck Schumer’s life forever

Chuck Schumer has become inebriated by power in Congress. But his house of cards is about to fall. Because a County Sheriff just changed Chuck...
Rep. Justin Pearson

Democrats are scrambling to stop you from seeing this embarrassing video

In the age of the internet, everything is forever. One major Democrat learned this the hard way. And Democrats are scrambling to stop you from...
Joe Biden

Major Democrat diagnosed with life-threatening disease

Several key Congressmembers have been out of commission with health issues. But no one saw this one coming. Because a major Democrat was just diagnosed...
Tim Scott

Democrats were left shaking in fear when they saw this report

The political winds are shifting in the United States. The radical Left can feel it. And Democrats were left shaking in fear when they saw...
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy uttered four words that should concern every American

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has promised to be a strong conservative leader. But he might be showing his true colors now. Because Kevin McCarthy uttered...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump to be deposed by this Democrat Attorney General

Many on the Right hoped Trump's legal woes would end with DA Alvin Bragg. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. And Donald...
Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas was just smacked with news that could end his career

Justice Thomas is easily the most conservative Justice on the Supreme Court. For that reason, the Left isn't pulling any punches to take him...
kristi noem

Kristi Noem slapped Joe Biden with five words that left him fuming

Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, does not play around. She will fight fire with fire. And Kristi Noem slapped Joe Biden with five...
us capitol

Democrat Senator rushed to hospital with horrible injury

The Democrat majority in the Senate is hanging by a thread. And this is the last thing they needed. Because this Democrat Senator was rushed...
george soros

The White House has been infiltrated by major American enemy

There's been concerns that Joe Biden has been compromised for years. Now we know for sure. Because the White House has been infiltrated by a...


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