Joe Biden is scared of this bill reaching his desk

Joe Biden

President Biden thinks he’s invincible. But Congress begs to differ with their latest action.

And now Joe Biden is extremely scared of this bill reaching his Oval Office desk.

Executive overreach is a growing problem that threatens to destabilize the political balance between the three branches of government in America.

Every President since George Bush have tried to completely sidestep the checks in balances in place for the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

The executive order has become the way the White House can try to control the future of America by effectively legislating from the Oval Office.

President Biden has been no different, either.

Joe Biden recently introduced a game-changing adjustment to how mortgage rates are calculated in America, and let’s just say it has not gone over well with the American public.

The idea of Biden’s mortgage rework is that those with lower credit scores need help to be able to secure mortgages if they are qualified. Sure, that makes sense, right?

Well, the problem is that Joe Biden wants to make people with higher credit scores pay for having a higher credit score. Those securing a mortgage with a credit score above 680 will pay fees up to $3,200 than before.

Their crime? Just having good credit and taking care of that before they apply for a mortgage and enter the house buying market.

With the way the math works, it’s possible in certain situations for those under a 680 credit score to be better off by having a lower credit score because of the fees they won’t have to pay. Meaning, the Biden administration will, in some cases, be incentivizing having a lower credit score.

In response, House Republicans have taken matters into their hands by proposing a bill that will throw away the Biden administration’s new mortgage rules called the Middle Class Borrower Protection Act.

That bill has now passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 230-189 with a surprising 14 Democrats joining every Republican in the chamber in support of the legislation.

Republicans have gone all out to sound the alarm on this issue and are seeking to get it passed in the U.S. Senate where it will certainly be the subject of much debate.

In the U.S. Senate, while Democrats do have control of the Upper Chamber under the “leadership” of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), there’s no doubt that this bill has Joe Biden sweating.

So far, no Republicans in the Upper Chamber have come out against the bill, indicating that all 49 Republicans might actually be on board with this one.

Combine that with the fact that Joe Manchin from West Virginia will almost certainly not vote against the bill, and it’s easy to see how this gets passed.

Republicans still have the likes of Kirsten Sinema to tap in hopes of gathering support for the bill to scrap Joe Biden’s socialist rules.

If the bill does reach Joe Biden’s desk, it’s possible he uses a veto. But given the fact that he’s been using that veto power more and more in recent weeks, it’s possible his hand is forced in taking the loss on this one.

The Federalist Wire will keep you updated on this legislation making its way through Congress.