Obama was just delivered devastating news from a federal judge

Barack Obama

Barack Obama still has a major influence on the radical Left. But he just got backstabbed big time.

Because Obama was just delivered a devastating ruling from a federal judge.

In a new bombshell ruling, a federal judge upheld the majority of a North Carolina law that outlaws abortions after the 12th week of pregnancy.

“Today’s ruling is a crucial win for the unborn and their mothers,” Caitlin Connors, southern regional director for the nonprofit SBA Pro-Life America shared with the media.

“Passed with a supermajority of the legislature’s support, SB 20 reflects the will of the people of North Carolina. We celebrate that babies will be protected at 12 weeks gestation and the state’s record $160 million in funding for parental leave, material support, and many other resources will help women and children in North Carolina,” Connors stated.

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit to stop the bill from going into force, claiming that it was unconstitutional due to legal ambiguity.

U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles, who was chosen by former President Barack Obama, halted the implementation of a portion of the legislation on that would have required doctors to provide unnecessary documentation. She denied the motion for a stay of execution, which would have halted enforcement of the statute until the outcome of legal challenges.

A spokeswoman for Senate leader Phil Berger, Lauren Horsch, said that the bill will largely go into effect because “the General Assembly provided the clarity physicians asked for.” Senate Bill 20 includes $160 million in funding for childcare access, paid parental leave for state employees, maternal health, and other pro-family measures.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Eagles ruled that the measure drafted by lawmakers and enacted last week by Gov. Roy Cooper adequately addresses concerns with the language.

One problem that was addressed was the fact that no one could be prosecuted for assisting a woman in obtaining a legal abortion in another state.

Based on this information, Eagles concluded that a temporary restraining order was unnecessary because “the ambiguities and First Amendment issues raised by the plaintiffs are unlikely to rise to an unconstitutional level.”

As she explained elsewhere, pending legislative shifts “are likely to moot the plaintiffs’ vagueness challenges to the provisions in the original Act directed to these matters.”

A temporary restraining order will be refused “because the plaintiffs are no longer likely to be successful on the claims based on the original language of the Act,” she wrote.

The Associated Press reports that until the new law was passed, most abortions in North Carolina were illegal beyond 20 weeks.

The restriction is extended to 20 weeks in situations of rape and incest and to 24 weeks in cases of “life-limiting” fetal abnormalities, both of which are exclusions from the standard 12-week ban. Medical emergencies are also exempt from the law.

The Left continues to try to peddle this idea that abortion is somehow a “winning issue” for them, and they claim that they will use it to cruise to victory in the 2024 election and beyond.

But the truth is, state legislatures all across the country are passing more and more pro-life laws that defend the life of the unborn in the womb.

The Left lies and tries to claim that the “vast majority” of Americans are “pro-choice” and pro-abortion, but the studies prove that’s wrong. The vast majority of Americans believe there should be at least some restrictions placed on abortions.

That is in direct contradiction with what the extremist Democrat Party of today believes in with regard to abortion — that anyone should be able to abort their unborn, innocent baby for any reason whatsoever through all nine months of a pregnancy.

The Democrats are the extremists, not the conservatives trying to protect life.

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