White House makes a disturbing confession about Joe Biden’s health that you have to see to believe

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President Biden’s mental and physical health are clearly suffering. The White House was complicit in hiding that until now.

As the White House makes a disturbing confession about Joe Biden’s health that you have to see to believe.

White House aides have allegedly claimed that President Joe Biden is consistently “dependably engaged” within a specific six-hour period each day. According to these reports, Biden’s peak engagement spans from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., during which he appears most attentive and focused.

However, eight current and former White House aides have shared with Axios that Biden has shown signs of being absent-minded at times. These moments of disengagement are reportedly more frequent outside the noted six-hour window, particularly during travel abroad. During these periods, aides have observed an increase in “verbal miscues” and signs of fatigue.

These revelations come on the heels of Biden’s performance at a recent presidential debate against former President Donald Trump, which commenced at 9:00 p.m. EST. During the debate, Biden appeared confused and at times, seemed to freeze.

Biden’s speech was hoarse, and he repeated false and debunked claims such as the “very fine people” hoax and the “suckers and losers” claim.

The 81-year-old president’s debate performance has sparked questions about his capacity to serve another term. Several individuals have voiced doubts regarding his mental and physical fitness, with some even suggesting that Biden should be replaced.

The lackluster performance has reportedly caused panic among donors, some of whom have called for Biden to withdraw from the race, while others have distanced themselves from his campaign.

Despite these growing concerns, the Biden campaign remains steadfast, asserting that Biden is “not dropping out” of the race.

Support from influential figures like former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton has bolstered Biden’s stance, with both issuing statements of support following the debate.

In an effort to rally support, the Biden campaign launched a fundraising email featuring a message from actor Robert De Niro, a vocal Biden supporter.

The day following the debate, Biden appeared more energetic and impassioned during a rally in North Carolina. Acknowledging his own limitations, Biden admitted to the crowd that he doesn’t “walk as easy,” “speak as smoothly,” or “debate as well” as he once did.

Polls reflect a significant concern among voters about Biden’s mental sharpness and physical health.

A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted between May 28-30 revealed that 57 percent of voters believe Biden has become “less and less mentally sharp” over time, while 34 percent disagreed.

An NBC News poll from January 26-30 found that 62 percent of registered voters have “major concerns” about Biden’s ability to serve a second term, with an additional 14 percent expressing “moderate” concerns and 13 percent having “minor concerns.”

As the debate over Biden’s capabilities continues, the president’s campaign faces the challenge of addressing voter concerns while maintaining confidence in his leadership and commitment to another term.

Basically, things are an absolute mess for the Democrat Party right now.

And the timing couldn’t be worse considering that the presidential election is only about four months away.

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