Leftist congresswoman commits an unhinged assault after being asked this one question

Rep. Marcy Kaptur

Decency used to be far more common in politics. But now it’s a principle that’s widely ignored, especially by Democrats.

And this Leftist congresswoman committed an unhinged assault after being asked this one question.

In a surprising incident at Detroit Metro Airport, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) was recorded snatching a phone from a man who was questioning her about President Joe Biden. The video, posted by the National Republican Congressional Committee, captured the tense interaction.

The confrontation began when the man approached the long-serving congresswoman and asked, “Excuse me, congresswoman, should Joe Biden step down?” Despite his persistence, Kaptur ignored his initial query. When he pressed further, questioning the White House’s transparency about Biden’s cognitive abilities, Kaptur seemed to lose her composure.

Caught on camera, the 78-year-old representative grabbed the man’s phone, abruptly cutting off the recording. The man resumed filming, asking, “Congresswoman, why did you take my phone like that?” A bystander chimed in, criticizing Kaptur for being “rude and disrespectful.”

Kaptur then demanded the man’s name and address, circling him as he refused to provide the information. “Then I’m not answering you,” she retorted, walking away. However, when he repeated his question about Biden stepping down, Kaptur finally responded, “No.”

The exchange continued with Kaptur questioning the man’s motives and reading questions from a sheet, to which he replied, “Nobody owns me. I’m just curious on some questions.” Kaptur concluded the encounter with, “They own you,” before leaving the airport.


A spokesperson for Kaptur’s campaign defended her actions, stating that while asking a question is acceptable, an unidentified man invading her personal space with a camera is inappropriate. The spokesperson emphasized that Kaptur remains focused on delivering federal investment to Northwest Ohio.

This incident follows another controversy involving Kaptur’s communications director, Ben Kamens. Kamens boasted on social media about having his student debt canceled, which sparked public outrage. Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, criticized Kamens for offloading his debt onto taxpayers, noting that he earned over $80,000 last year.

Political commentator Ari Goldkind highlighted the unfairness to hardworking individuals who didn’t attend college and accrue debt, expressing frustration at them being burdened with paying off Kamens’ loans. In response to the backlash, Kamens made his social media account private.

Further scrutiny arose when Spectator reporter Matthew Foldi confronted Kamens outside Kaptur’s office. Kamens, attempting to avoid the press, covered his head with a hoodie, adding another layer of drama to the ongoing saga surrounding Kaptur and her team.

When will the Left learn that it’s okay to adopt integrity as one of their characteristics?

Whenever they get called out on something – like Biden’s poor mental fitness or bogus student loan bailouts – they cower in fear and run away from being held accountable.

Or, in Rep Kaptur’s case, they lash out physically towards those who are trying to question them for their destructive ideologies.

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