Donald Trump Jr. releases critical insight on his father’s next running mate

donald trump jr

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Trump campaign, is who his VP will be. And now we might finally have an answer.

Because Donald Trump Jr. releases critical insight on his father’s next running mate.

Former President Donald Trump is on the hunt for the best possible candidate to be his running mate.

If he’s able to land a homerun candidate, then that could help propel him to victory in the 2024 Republican primary and general election.

But his son, Donald Trump Jr. has made it known who does not want to be on his father’s ticket.

Trump Jr. recently told Newsmax that he would “go to great lengths” to ensure that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is not Trump’s running mate.

“No – I would not want Nikki Haley to be” the vice presidential pick, Trump Jr. said while appearing on “Eric Bolling The Balance”.

“All we’d get from her is never-ending wars and…a team trying to destroy Donald Trump from within forever.”

Trump Jr. also explained that a Haley vice presidency would be “a disaster of epic proportions.”

Despite his comments on Haley, there are some Republicans who believe she’d be the perfect fit for Trump in 2024.

“Well, right now, I think it would be Nikki Haley, in my view,” former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said to The New York Times’ DealBook Summit in November.

“But the question is: Who you select, will they serve? So that’s another question you have to have. And it’s about addition.”

Other Republicans, including Trump Jr., believe that Haley is part of the establishment sector of the GOP, with the former president’s son referring to her as “the new favorite candidate of the billionaire class.”

“She’s a puppet of the establishment in Washington, D.C. …No different than academia and Havard using their billions to exercise influence. They want someone they control,” Trump Jr. added.

Nikki Haley hasn’t been vocal on the prospect of becoming Trump’s VP, simply because she’s trying to win the Republican presidential nomination herself.

Republican primary polling from FiveThirtyEight shows the former governor in third place at 11.3%, but not far behind second-place candidate Ron DeSantis, who is at 12.2%.

While momentum has been on Haley’s side as of late, it’s likely to end soon as she’s been the subject of attacks from other Republican candidates.

That includes Donald Trump who’s been sure to voice his recent dislike of Haley during this Republican primary process.

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