Families of U.S. hostages are red with rage after the Biden administration utterly betrayed them

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The White House has made mistake after mistake under President Biden’s leadership. But this takes the cake.

And families of U.S. hostages are red with rage after the Biden administration utterly betrayed them.

On Monday, the White House hosted an event to celebrate Hanukkah.

800 guests were invited, including Jewish leaders, survivors of the Holocaust, legislators, and White House staff members who are descendants of survivors of the Holocaust.

But the individuals who were not invited was the big story of the night.

According to a report from CNN, families of U.S. citizens who were taken hostage by Hamas, were not invited to the White House Hanukkah celebration.

The families had originally requested to attend the event, but never got any sort of invitation in return.

“These are family members who are still desperately trying to bring attention to the eight dual American citizens that are still missing and that are still unaccounted for,” M.J. Lee of CNN said to host Jake Tapper.

“Obviously, the formal negotiations to get more hostages out, we saw those break down earlier this month.”

“There are a lot of questions right now and these families are very desperate for any kind of news or movement that they are seeing from the White House,” Lee added.

The Hanukkah celebration at the White House included Rabbi Angela Buchdahl who is a senior rabbi at Central Synagogue located in New York City.

President Joe Biden spoke at the event and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff participated in the menorah lighting.

“Were there no Israel, there wouldn’t be a Jew in the world that would be safe,” Biden said during his remarks.

The president also detailed how he has known Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, for “51 years.”

He even included an odd story about how he wrote a note on a picture of the two leaders which said, “Bibi, I love you, but I don’t agree with a damn thing you have to say.”

While Biden has expressed his support for Israel in the recent months after the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists, it’s not a good look at all for him and the White House to ignore the requests from hostage families to attend the Hanukkah event.

If the president really wanted to put his money where his mouth is, he would’ve at least acknowledged their request and sent them an invite. But that’s too much of a common sense solution for the 81-year-old Biden.

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