George Soros’ infiltration of the FBI has been revealed

George Soros

At one point, Democrats laughed at conservatives for even mentioning the “deep state.” But today, there’s no denying how real the deep state truly is.

Because George Soros’ infiltration of the FBI has finally been revealed.

Over the past two weeks, Elon Musk has been sharing reams of internal communications from Twitter employees.

The tales are initially published on Twitter by him via a decentralized network of journalists.

The evidence has been, to put it mildly, incriminating for some.

This week, “Part 7,” written by Substack writer Michael Shellenberger, took aim at the Twitter Files.

He claims that his account demonstrates how “both after and *before* the New York Post revealed the contents of his laptop,” the FBI and the intelligence community “discredited factual information” concerning Hunter’s laptop.

However, it doesn’t simply reveal the FBI and other executive branch organizations.

It also criticizes nonprofit organizations.

Sometimes colleges and activist groups are the ones pushing for the removal of politically sensitive content.

Evidence that First Draft News significantly contributed to blocking the story was made public by Schellenberger.

The Open Society Foundation, established and financed by billionaire George Soros, owned and ran that organization.

According to Schellenberger, Claire Wardle, a former co-founder of First Draft News, attended a meeting in September 2020 that was intended to assist representatives of the corporate-controlled media in halting the spread of false information.

Executives from the media sector, including the former CEO of NPR, the former head of news at Twitter, and the former General Manager of The New York Times, attended the conference, according to an email chain that was started after it.

Wardle was a part of this email chain as well.

The scenario shown in the conference exercise was almost exactly representative of what would happen in real life a few weeks later.

A “digital Hack-and-Dump” that originated from “an anonymous website,, and a Twitter account, @HUNTERLOLZ,” was the picture they painted.

The fictitious website would portray a situation where Joe Biden and his son both benefited from business operations in Ukraine and display “documents that purport to be from Burisma, tied to Hunter Biden.”

According to their predictions, the reporting would begin at the Drudge Report and quickly go to Fox & Friends.

Donald Trump would share the @HunterLOLZ account after watching it on Fox & Friends.

Again, all of these are just hypothetical and are a part of “EXERCISE: The Burisma Leak,” yet they all involve remarkably precise circumstances.

Even Joe Biden’s response to the disclosures was laid out in the materials Schellenberger released, which also said that his campaign would “not confirm the veracity of any documents.”

In this exercise, a whole 11-day period—starting with a fictitious document leak and ending with a presidential debate—was simulated.

It covered reactions from the press and different public figures.

If the situation hadn’t happened in real life just a few weeks after this “exercise,” it wouldn’t be quite so bizarre.

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