Jim Jordan found a report that has Joe Biden cornered and afraid

Jim Jordan

House Republican Jim Jordan has been on Joe Biden’s case. But he never thought he would’ve found this.

Because Jim Jordan found a report that has Joe Biden cornered and afraid.

There’s no Republican in Congress who is working harder to investigate the Biden family than Jim Jordan from Kentucky.

Jordan has been on the Biden case regarding Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China and Joe Biden’s potential involvement in those.

Go back to October of 2020 and the New York Post dropped a bombshell about the Hunter Biden laptop, but the media immediately tried to brush it under the rug.

In fact, major social media giants like Facebook and Twitter (pre-Elon Musk) intentionally tried to suppress the story from making the rounds on their platforms.

Joe Biden also said that he knew “nothing” about what his son Hunter was up to in terms of business overseas.

On top of all that, an “intel letter” was released by former federal agents that said they thought the New York Post’s article was “Russian disinformation.”

The Fake News Media has still been running with this idea that the laptop was disinformation, as they refuse to acknowledge that the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden.

But the Democrats never could have expected Jim Jordan to discover what he just did about this intel letter.

Jim Jordan allegedly has evidence that this intel letter has very real connections to the 2020 Joe Biden presidential campaign.

Jordan also says that he plans to release this evidence in a report that his U.S. House panel will produce on Joe Biden’s weaponization of the federal government.

“It was all done with politics, and it looks like there was some some real connections with the Biden campaign,” Jordan shared with the media in a podcast.

He did not give a ton of information, but he did say that two individuals have been found to be “key players” in this scheme.

“It seems to me that one of the key players here was Michael Morell, that he was one kind of coordinating this, working this together,” Jordan added.

“And then there are a few other folks. We have talked to Nick Shapiro. Mr. Shapiro, I think, was the one kind of coordinating the outreach to the legacy media and how they wanted this story presented.”

Michael Morell was a former CIA director during the Obama administration, and Nick Shapiro was a former CIA advisor during the Obama tenure as well.

This is obviously a huge deal.

If Jordan actually produces evidence that the Biden campaign worked with the federal government to falsely counter the very real New York Post story, that would be more than worthy of impeachment.

With 2024 right around the corner, Republicans just might be poised to do so.

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