Joe Biden collapses on the White House lawn in stunning new video

joe biden

The president’s health has been a concern for years. But now it’s reached a breaking point.

And Joe Biden collapses on the White House lawn in a stunning new video.

At a time when Joe Biden’s cognitive ability has been questioned, the president did nothing to ease those thoughts on Wednesday.

The White House tries to keep Biden from having a busy public schedule.

But on Valentine’s Day, he made an appearance on the White House lawn to look at decorations that were set up for the holiday.

While on the lawn he was asked a question about the recent Kansas City shooting that occurred during the Super Bowl parade for the Chiefs.

Biden ignored the question for several seconds while continuing to observe the decorations and leaning over to talk with first lady Jill Biden.

He eventually muttered that he’d get more information about the situation later.

It looked like Jill had given him that answer while he was ignoring the reporter’s question on the shooting and speaking with her instead.

Then, after looking at the Valentine’s Day decorations some more, Biden asked his wife, “Wanna get a picture?”

She had already walked away from him and answered, “No we already did.”

Yet another awkward moment for Joe Biden that involves his wife having to lead him like a lost puppy during a public appearance.

And of course, users on social media had a field day with the president’s embarrassing moment on the White House lawn.

Columnist for The Daily Signal, Tony Kinnett, posted on X, “Honest question for the ‘it’s ok that he’s old’ people: How are the American people supposed to trust that Biden won’t be easily manipulated by other heads of state who just tell him he already agreed to something?”

“This guy won’t be able to leave the house by the time November rolls around,” quipped Jake Schneider of RNC Research.

Joe Biden’s mental abilities only seem to fail more and more each day.

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