Joe Biden confesses to making this huge mistake

joe biden

The writing is on the wall for President Biden. He’s finally coming clean on what he’s done.

And Joe Biden has confessed to making this huge mistake that changes everything.

One of Joe Biden’s first major executive actions when he became President of the United States was to end the immigration policy of being able to detain families who cross the southern border illegally.

Some say that doing away with this policy has been extremely damaging for America being able to defend herself against those who wish to enter the country illegally.

Whether ending that policy has had a significant impact on the rise of illegal border crossings is debated.

But what’s not debated is that our southern border is objectively more insecure today than it was just a few short years ago.

Illegal border crossings are skyrocketing and reached record levels unseen in modern American history.

Many Americans point to Joe Biden’s administration for blame. Polls show that Americans overwhelmingly trust Republicans way more than Democrats on the issue of immigration.

While the White House has largely ignored the concerns of Americans who say the southern border needs to be secured before something truly awful happens, it seems as though the Biden administration can see the writing on the wall.

GOP governors of southern states like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis (Texas and Florida Governors, respectively) have taken matters into their own hands in defending their states from immigrants who want to illegally enter the country.

This has embarrassed the Biden administration and now the White House is trying to figure out what they need to do to at least attempt to secure the border.

According to reports, the Biden White House is even considering reinstating the policy of allowing families to be detained at the southern border if they are crossing illegally.

Fox News reports:

The Biden administration is reportedly considering the revival of a policy that would detain migrant families who cross the southern border illegally amid the expected expiration of Title 42.

The deliberation by the White House, first reported by the New York Times, comes after President Biden put an end to several policies that were used by former President Trump’s administration to crack down on the heavy flow of illegal migrants into America.

Fox News also reports that a U.S. federal official said to media outlets that “it’s all on the table.”

This is seemingly an admission that the idea of releasing illegal immigrants into the U.S. with supposedly “trackable” devices like smartphones is unsustainable.

Not only is it not sustainable, but releasing illegal immigrants into the U.S. with ankle bracelets somehow seems more unethical than just denying them entry.

While it seems like the White House is finally acknowledging the problem of the insecure southern border, there’s little trust that the American people have that Joe Biden and his administration can turn things around.

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