Joe Biden falls flat on his face after making a humiliating mistake that could cost him reelection

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Every chance the president gets, he’s making inexcusable gaffes. But this one tops them all.

And Joe Biden falls flat on his face after making a humiliating mistake that could cost him reelection.

Have you noticed that Joe Biden hasn’t had a ton of interviews, press conferences, or public speeches during his time as president?

Well, there’s a reason for that. His staff doesn’t want him appearing in front of cameras or in public because they fear that he’ll embarrass himself by slurring his sentences together or committing a gaffe.

Their fears came true on Tuesday when Biden misread the teleprompter yet again.

You may remember the president reading the word “pause” off his teleprompter last month while making a speech at the North America’s Building Trades Union National Legislative Conference. Biden was supposed to pause for a chant of “four more years,” but instead read the instruction to pause off his teleprompter, which in turn made him sound utterly clueless.


Well, a similar thing happened again earlier in the week when Biden read “LAST NAME” from the teleprompter while speaking in Wisconsin.

“My theology professor at the Catholic school I went to was a guy named Riley [LAST NAME]…” Biden confusingly said.

It’s unclear why the “LAST NAME” placeholder was added into the teleprompter. Perhaps his staff forgot to put the last name of Riley into the speech, or maybe Riley was the last name.

Either way, it’s yet another humiliating moment for President Biden.

This is why Biden’s handlers want him away from the spotlight as much as possible.

It’s basically the strategy they used in 2020 when they had Biden hunker down in the basement instead of out campaigning.

It’s also why Joe Biden and his campaign team have been reluctant in the past to agree to debates against former President Donald Trump.

The more Biden is out in public and committing gaffe after gaffe, the more Americans are aware of the 81-year-old’s declining mental fitness.

Is this really the person who we want in charge of the nuclear codes?

Probably not.

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