Biden’s FBI just got caught violating the Constitution in the most despicable way


The FBI has been under fire over the past several months. Trust in the Bureau is at an all-time low.

And now Joe Biden’s FBI has been caught violating the Constitution in this disgusting way.

For years, conservatives and proponents of individual liberty have alleged that Big Tech has engaged in extensive left-wing bias and censorship.

Everything came to a head in 2020 when Big Tech appeared to support Joe Biden over Donald Trump alongside the mainstream corporate-controlled media.

Leftists dismissed the allegations made by conservatives, Republicans, anti-mandate campaigners, Christians, and others that Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech companies were banning them.

Then something amusing transpired.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter demonstrated that not only was it taking place, but it was also much worse than anyone had anticipated.

To remove any dissenting voices, the FBI and Twitter were actually working hand in hand.

Document after document revealed the extent of the coordination between the FBI and Twitter.

In response to the Twitter files, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University and a contributor to Fox News, said that “the FBI has said that combating disinformation is one of its priorities… it’s a menacing thing when you have the largest law enforcement agency attacking free speech advocates” as disinformation peddlers.

In a recent appearance on Fox News Live, Turley spoke about the Twitter files and the harm they have caused to the Bureau.

What’s noteworthy, according to Turley, is that many of the censorship advocates who are active in Congress and the media have actually lost ground in recent weeks. They formally denied all of the aforementioned for years, including the existence of censorship, shadowbanning, and blacklists. And thanks to Musk, we now know that all of those claims were false and that the FBI played a significant role in a systemic censoring effort.

A private corporation is free to restrict or ban anyone they see fit, but when they do so under the direction of a government agency, it is considered censorship.

And that raises several concerns about censorship, the involvement of Big Tech in political operations, and even the involvement of the federal government in nefarious political activities.

“So, one of the issues we have is whether Twitter became an FBI agent for First Amendment purposes,” Turley said.

“The First Amendment applies to the government, obviously, but it can also apply to agents of the government, people who are acting on the government’s behest.”

It’s at this point that Turley delivers the knockout blow to the FBI and Twitter.

“You now have the company itself saying, yeah, we did become an agent of the FBI. We were being directed by the FBI.”

Thousands of conservative activists and elected figures, including Turley, point out that censorship is still being dismissed by those on the Left as a mere “conspiracy theory” despite the disclosure of evidence to the contrary.

As Turley said, “And one of the things that is most disturbing, quite frankly, is that, when these files came out, the FBI attacked many of us who were raising free speech concerns and called all of us collectively conspiracy theorists spreading disinformation. It was highly inappropriate, because the FBI has said that combating disinformation is one of its priorities. So, it’s a menacing thing when you have the largest law enforcement agency attacking free speech advocates.”

Turley is absolutely correct in his analysis.

The FBI is now alleging that the evidence is nothing more than false information in addition to labeling other Americans as conspiracy theorists and mocking their opinions.

It makes sense that there are growing calls to stop funding the FBI.