Joe Biden’s secret election plan involving Bill Clinton has Republicans on red alert

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Biden and the Democrats can’t afford to lose the general election in November. That’s why they’re scheming something sinister.

And Joe Biden’s secret election plan involving Bill Clinton has Republicans on red alert.

As the election season continues on, President Joe Biden and his campaign have tried to fight off third party candidates who could steal votes away from him and help former President Donald Trump win the presidency.

The political group, No Labels, is a specific third party group that Biden is worried about.

However, according to a report from the New York Magazine, No Labels’ efforts to put forth a third party candidate were stopped in their tracks thanks to this secret plan from Biden.

The magazine’s report details how former Democrat President Bill Clinton assisted in talking Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and former Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) out of running for president as a candidate for No Labels.

Clinton spoke with Hogan at an event in Little Rock, Arkansas last year and told the former governor that if he were to run for president as a third party candidate, he would end up helping Trump beat Biden in the general election.

The report also explained that when Clinton spoke with Joe Manchin, he “told the senator sharply” that a No Labels presidential candidacy could very well result in Trump winning the White House.

Those meetings with the former president must have made an impact as both Manchin and Hogan have since announced that they will not be running for president this year.

Manchin has decided to not run for reelection for his seat in the Senate, and Hogan has decided to run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.

But even though Clinton warned the two politicians that their possible candidacies would only take away votes from Biden, No Labels has firmly stated the opposite.

As this election process has gone on, the third party group has said that they simply want to find a candidate for voters to pull the lever for that isn’t Trump or Biden.

They also aren’t running a candidate for the sole purpose of playing spoiler in the election.

And now that Manchin and Hogan aren’t planning to run for No Labels, the group is currently mulling a decision on whether or not they want to put a candidate in the presidential race at all.

As for the Joe Biden and his pal Bill Clinton, they both are definitely worried about Trump’s chances to win a second term this November.

Most national polls has the former president in the lead over Biden in many important swing states.

Donald Trump is expected to also easily win the Republican primary in his efforts to become the party’s official nominee.

Yet both Trump and Biden are rather unpopular among a large portion of voters.

And that’s why a group like No Labels feels like they have a shot to run a candidate that can swoop in and gather up support from those voters.

That is until Biden had Bill Clinton go and try to shut them down.

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