Kamala Harris let her big mouth run wild in this crazy CBS interview

kamala harris

Vice President Kamala Harris is a problem for the Biden admin. She’s proven that time and again.

And now Kamal Harris’ has let her big mouth run wild putting her in a world of trouble.

If you ask the Joe Biden reelection campaign about the likelihood of Joe Biden even making it to a second term as President, they’ll tell you they have absolutely no concerns whatsoever that he will be serving for a second full four years.

However, everyone knows that’s highly unlikely. He’s just over halfway through his first term and he is barely hanging on by a string in terms of his mental health and ability to carry on as the commander-in-chief of America.

A full second term? Yeah, sure thing. We’ll believe it when we see it. Even Democrat voters don’t want to see Joe Biden make it another four years, which is really saying something.

Vice President Kamala Harris touched on this matter in a recent interview with CBS’ Margaret Brennan, where she seemed to let on the idea that she may very well be positioned to take over as the President of the United States during Joe Biden’s second term.

When asked if she would be ready to fill the role as the POTUS and everything it entails, Kamala Harris simply replied “Yes, I am, if necessary.”

She then said “But Joe Biden is going to be fine,” as if to reinforce this idea that there’s no concerns about Joe Biden’s health and advancing age.

Harris was asked by Brennan about the fact that polls have shown that a great majority of Democrats believe that Biden is “too old” to be President for a second term, given that he would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a hypothetical second term.

Vice President Kamala Harris simply said she wasn’t concerned at all and tried to highlight the “success” of the Biden administration, arguing that Americans want to continue that success.

“This is the work under Joe Biden’s leadership that has actually been accomplished. And I think the American people, most of all, want a leader who actually gets things done. And that is what Joe Biden has accomplished,” Kamala Harris said.

The whole interview was filled with interesting tidbits, and you can watch a clip of it from the Washington Examiner below.

What’s important to highlight is that Kamala Harris almost seemed excited at the question of whether or not she would be ready to take over as President should Joe Biden step down during a second term.

It makes you wonder if the plan is to try and get Joe Biden a second term and then pull the rug out from under the American people by installing Kamala Harris as President because they have no better option.

Americans would not vote for Kamala Harris to be President. Period. There’s no point in the Democrats even trying that. A tin can would perform better than Kamala Harris in a general election.

But if the Democrats can find a way to pull a fast one on the American people by having a plan to make Kamala Harris the President by Joe Biden stepping down, well then they are in business.

Of course, Joe Biden would have to win in the first place, which seems unlikely at this point. Way more Americans than not are concerned about their financial status in this struggling American economy that can’t seem to shake inflation rates.

Plenty of economic experts point directly to the Biden administration’s fiscal policy of printing and spending money out of thin air as a major contributor to the inflation issue.

This has been a major part of why Joe Biden’s approval ratings have simply not been able to get back to where he was at the very beginning of his Presidency before the Afghanistan fiasco, before the gas price explosion, and before the family scandals hit the front news.

But Kamala Harris can be hopeful for herself, but the average American simply doesn’t want to see her in the Oval Office. That much is true.

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