Kristi Noem penned a letter that has unbelievable consequences for America

Kristi Noem

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem does not play around. She will do whatever it takes to put American principles first.

And Kristi Noem just penned an executive letter that has unbelievable consequences for America.

In the eyes of many Americans, one of the worst issues we are facing right now as a nation comes from the way our young people are being indoctrinated into radical Leftist ideologies.

The radical Left have almost completely taken over our educational institutions in America and have been peddling garbage like Critical Race Theory and gender ideology to our kids and young adults.

Some Republican Governors are standing up to this nonsense, including South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

Kristi Noem has sent off a letter to the South Dakota Board of Regents that has a series of demands.

One of them is to “prohibit drag shows from taking place on university campuses” in the midwestern state.

She also ordered the South Dakota Board of Regents to “remove all references to preferred pronouns in all school materials.”

This is in response to the growing trend that schools have been following with regards to acknowledging the “preferred pronouns” of a so-called transgender individual.

Noem took to Twitter on the matter and says that college education is “in a crisis” because of “radical indoctrination”.

“Across the nation, higher education is in a state of crisis. From prioritizing feelings over facts to radical indoctrination, as a country, we should be ashamed of this,” Noem shared to her followers.

“As a state, South Dakota can show the nation what quality higher education is supposed to look like,” she added.

A major problem is that many radical Leftists with power in educational systems try to keep their indoctrination efforts close to the chest.

Noem knows this and that’s why her administration is also establishing a hotline where anyone can call in and report indoctrination that falls out of line with South Dakota law.

If the grip from the radical Left on America’s institutions is going to be loosened, it has to start with the educational system.

The more we let our young adults and children get sucked into believing the nonsense about socialism, Critical Race Theory, and gender ideology, the worse it’s going to get.

That’s why Noem and some other Republican Governors are finally putting their foot down and taking action.

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