Law enforcement sets their eyes on this leading Democrat in wild turn of events

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Politicians are known to get themselves into trouble with the law from time to time. But this takes the cake.

As law enforcement sets their eyes on this leading Democrat in a wild turn of events.

This past weekend, Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) was involved in a car accident in Maryland.

Fetterman rear-ended a 62-year-old woman on I-70. The woman was hospitalized for a “suspected minor injury,” according to Maryland State Police.

The senator and his wife, Gisele, were also hospitalized for a short amount of time.

“John was treated for a bruised shoulder,” a spokesperson for Fetterman said to the New York Post earlier this week.

Both the senator and his wife were able to make it home to Braddock, Pennsylvania soon after the accident.

But now Maryland State Police have concluded that Fetterman was “at fault” and was driving the vehicle “well over” the speed limit during the time of the crash.

Law enforcement stated that according to what a witness told them, Sen. Fetterman was operating his Chevrolet Traverse “at a high rate of speed, well over the posted speed limit” before he ran into the back of the 62-year-old woman’s Chevrolet Impala.

The speed limit on that section of road was 70mph.

Both Fetterman and the woman he collided with were not tested for alcohol or drug use.

Police claim that it is currently “unknown” if John Fetterman was distracted when the accident occurred.

They did say, however, that the woman he rear-ended was “not distracted.”

“No citations were issued. The crash investigation remains active and ongoing,” a statement from the Maryland State Police read from earlier in the week.

Sen. Fetterman has been involved in a series of hospitalizations over the last several years, including this most recent one from the car accident.

In 2022, he suffered a stroke during his senate campaign.

And last year, he placed himself into Walter Reed Hospital due to clinical depression.

Fetterman remained there for more than a month.

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