Leading Republican makes a 2024 projection that has the Biden campaign fuming

elise stefanik

Democrats would never be able to forgive themselves if they don’t defeat Donald Trump this November. Their agenda would be destroyed if that happened.

And a leading Republican makes a 2024 projection that has the Biden campaign fuming.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and House Republican Conference chairwoman, announced on NBC’s Meet the Press that former President Donald Trump will “win this November.”

Stefanik made the comments to host Kristen Welker, after she was asked about possibly serving in Trump’s cabinet.

The New York congresswoman explained that she would “be honored” to serve as either Trump’s vice president or in another position in his administration.

“Well, I of course would be honored to serve in any capacity in a Trump administration. I’m proud to be the first member of Congress to endorse his reelection,” Stefanik told Welker.

“I’m proud to be a strong supporter of President Trump, and he’s gonna win this November.”

Rep. Stefanik went on to mention that she and the former president have frequent discussions but did not elaborate further on the subject matter of the talks.

She did note, that the two of them have their eyes set on winning this election season.

And while she would be up to working in Trump’s cabinet, Stefanik emphasized how her current role in the U.S. House is what’s most important and what she’s most focused on.

That role, according to her, is vital in helping Trump get reelected.

Stefanik’s name has recently gone viral after she questioned presidents from Ivy League schools such as Harvard University, for their lack of a response to antisemitism on their campuses.

The school presidents, specifically Harvard President Claudine Gay (who has since resigned), were stumped by the questions and weren’t able to properly condemn antisemitism despite Stefanik repeatedly asking them to.

Conservatives applauded Stefanik’s tough line of questioning that landed the Ivy League presidents in hot water.

Donald Trump has noted before that he likes the idea of having a woman as his running mate.

Could that woman be someone like Elise Stefanik who has a growing track record in recent months?

Or will he choose someone completely off the radar? That answer probably won’t be known until voting contests in the Republican primary are underway.

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