MSNBC calls Donald Trump a name that will leave you speechless

donald trump

The Left-wing media hates Trump. They want nothing more than for him to disappear from their lives.

And MSNBC calls Donald Trump a name that will leave you speechless.

President Joe Biden has plenty of friends in the mainstream media.

The hosts on MSNBC fall into that category, specifically Joe Scarborough who hosts the Morning Joe.

Scarborough recently announced a new campaign strategy that Biden should consider for the 2024 election.

The MSNBC host brought up how Biden joked about himself not falling at an event last week, and should joke more often about not only his age-related physical and mental inabilities, but also former President Donald Trumps’.

“I thought last night was fantastic. Somebody falls down, he’s like, ‘It’s not me.’ He walks around, starts joking about it. You always go straight into,” said Scarborough.

“I tell you what I would do, I’d show a picture of Donald Trump golfing, and I’d say, ‘You guys are talking about health? You’re talking about age?’ You take it head-on. You joke about it like he did last night.”

The Morning Joe host went even further to compare Trump to a “drugged-out rock star.”

“And then you look at the other guy and you’re like, ‘He thinks he’s running against Barack Obama.’ He’s like a drugged-out rock star,” Scarborough said.

“He’s like, ‘Thank you, Detroit,’ and he’s actually in Scranton. Like, he doesn’t know where he is. [Biden’s] got to go to it. He’s got to run to it, joke about it, and have events like he did yesterday.”

Simply put, Scarborough’s “whataboutism” with Trump is completely misguided.

It seems like most times whenever Biden makes a speech or is asked questions by reporters, he ends up making gaffes that end up all over the news, even the mainstream Leftist media.

Sure, Trump isn’t perfect and has made some gaffes here and there, but nothing compares to what Biden or even his running mate, Vice President Kamala Harris, have done.

Just look at the time when he met with the Brazilian president and forgot to shake his hand, leaving the foreign leader visibly upset.

Or earlier this summer, when the president looked confused leaving the stage after he didn’t shake hands with Japanese and South Korean leaders at a joint press conference.

There’s plenty more examples that could be listed, but they wouldn’t fit in a single article.

So maybe Biden and his campaign shouldn’t take Joe Scarborough’s advice by joking about and drawing attention to his many blunders.

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