Nancy Pelosi got caught making this insane statement about a top Republican

nancy pelosi

Pelosi’s time in Washington, D.C. has been a failure. But that doesn’t stop her from constantly blasting the GOP.

And Nancy Pelosi got caught making this insane statement about a top Republican.

U.S. Rep. and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made an appearance on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, earlier in the week.

And per usual for Pelosi, she spent most of the time bashing Republicans.

She also spent a decent bit of time talking about one her favorite subjects to bring up when criticizing the GOP: the events of January 6.

“These House Republicans were just – they didn’t have any interest in the peaceful transfer of power. They were in denial about the election,” Pelosi said to host Joy Reid.

“And for all of the horror of that day, the violence, the desecration of the Capitol, this temple of democracy in the world, the violation of our Constitution, to have that day on the acceptance of the Electoral College vote.”

Rep. Pelosi and her fellow Leftists are still hung up on the idea that January 6 was one of the worst atrocities to ever impact the United States.

They love bringing up the fact that because of that day, Republicans and their allies are now a constant threat to democracy.

In fact, Pelosi used that very talking point while continuing her rant on Reid’s show:

“The whole thing, the assault on our democracy, after we went back to the Capitol, took the vote, overwhelmingly, the Republicans voted against accepting the results of the Electoral College.”

But to make Pelosi’s ramblings even worse, she tied everything together at the end by attacking Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) who is currently in a heated battle to win enough votes to become the next Speaker of the House.

“This person [Jordan] that they’re putting forth to be speaker of the House, it’s just appalling…This person that they’re nominating, Jordan, doesn’t have any legislation, never passed legislation. His big bill is to criminalize a woman’s right to choose with no exceptions, with no exceptions – the harshest possible position.”

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are scared of Jim Jordan because of his strong conservative stances on things like abortion, illegal immigration, and government spending.

So instead of debating him on those issues, they simply spout out nonsense such as implying Jordan is a threat to democracy or is “appalling.”

“The public has to understand what is at stake. Our democracy is at stake,” Pelosi said in her conclusion as to why Rep. Jordan should not be in possession of the gavel.

It also doesn’t help things for the Left, that Jordan has been endorsed for Speaker by former President Donald Trump.

As it currently stands, the Democrats are going to try and do everything in their power from preventing Jordan from obtaining the position.

And if Leftists are so afraid at the prospects of Jim Jordan becoming House Speaker, then him winning the gavel might be the best thing for America.

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