Presidential candidate announces stunning campaign withdrawal

vivek ramaswamy

Elections are hard to predict, even for the most experienced political experts. But no one saw this coming.

And this presidential candidate announces stunning campaign withdrawal.

The 2024 presidential election was thrown on it’s head on Tuesday after former President Donald Trump was removed from the ballot in the state of Colorado.

In a 4-3 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court cited the Fourteenth Amendment as the reason why Trump was removed, stating that he was involved in an insurrection on January 6, 2021.

Businessman and Republican candidate for president Vivek Ramaswamy was among many on the Right who felt this decision by the Court was reprehensible.

And now he’s announcing that he will remove his name from the Colorado Republican primary ballot if Trump’s name isn’t on it.

Ramaswamy took to X to show his displeasure of the ruling, and called for his fellow Republican candidates to withdraw their names as well.

“This is what an *actual* attack on democracy looks like: in an un-American, unconstitutional, and *unprecedented* decision, a cabal of Democrat judges are barring Trump from the ballot in Colorado,” his post read.

“Having tried every trick in the book to eliminate President Trump from running in this election, the bipartisan Establishment is now deploying a new tactic to bar him from ever holding office again: the 14th Amendment.”

“I pledge to *withdraw* from the Colorado GOP primary unless Trump is also allowed to be on the state’s ballot, and I demand that Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Nikki Haley to do the same immediately – or else they are tacitly endorsing this illegal maneuver which will have disastrous consequences for our country.”

Ramaswamy also detailed just how incorrect the Colorado justices’ ruling was, specifically as it relates to the Fourteenth Amendment.

“The Framers of the 14th Amendment would be appalled to see this narrow provision – intended to bar former U.S. officials who switched to the Confederacy from seeking public office – being weaponized by a sitting President and his political allies to prevent a former President from seeking reelection,” Ramaswamy continued in his X post.

“Our country is becoming unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers.”

The presidential candidate later released a video where he stood firm in his decision to potentially remove himself from the ballot as well as continuing to urge the other GOP candidates to do so, saying, “they’re complicit in what the security state is trying to do to shut down Trump and I stand by that and expect them to do the right thing.”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did not mention taking his name off the ballot, but did say the Colorado Supreme Court ruling should not have occurred.

“Donald Trump should not be prevented from being president by any court. He should be prevented from being president of the United States by the voters of this country,” Christie said while speaking at a campaign event.

At the time of this article being written, no other candidate has come forward to join in on Ramaswamy’s pledge. But that could very well change in the coming days and weeks.

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