Rudy Giuliani admits to 2020 election lies in bombshell court filing

rudy giuliani

Trump’s former attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is a complicated figure. He was once a trusted Trump ally but has since fallen out of grace.

And now Rudy Giuliani has admitted to lies about the 2020 election in this surprise court filing.

In a legal document, Rudy Giuliani conceded that he had made intentionally false claims about Georgia election workers in the upcoming 2020 election as well as that he no longer disputed the factual charges brought against him in their defamation action.

Released early Wednesday morning, the court brief reveals why Giuliani “does not dispute for purposes of this litigation, that the statements carry meaning that is defamatory.”

According to the complaint, however, the ex-mayor of New York City continues to insist that his comments are “constitutionally protected.”

After Giuliani failed to deliver messages pertaining to former President Trump’s 2020 election-rigging accusations, two Atlanta poll workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, sued him for defamation, seeking “severe” punishment.

Due to Giuliani’s refusal to produce a conversation he had with Trump aide Boris Epshteyn, Freeman and Moss petitioned U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell to issue a “default judgment” in their favor earlier this month.

The two election workers claimed they had been the targets of constant harassment since 2020, when both Giuliani and Trump made false accusations of widespread voter fraud that were fueled in part by references to them by name.

They allege they suffered extreme mental anguish and were put in danger because of Giuliani’s conduct, and they are suing for an undisclosed sum of money.

Giuliani is also the subject of other investigations. As part of District Attorney Fani Willis’s probe into Donald Trump’s alleged attempts to annul the 2020 general election in Georgia, a special grand jury in Fulton County has examined more than 50 witnesses, including him.

Willis has informed the county officials via letters that charges in the case may be handed down between July 31 and August 18.

A strong supporter of Trump at the time, Giuliani backed Trump’s allegedly false assertion that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulently taken from him due to electoral tampering.

At the center of the debate was the state of Georgia, a purple state that was considered a toss-up between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Biden’s triumph was buoyed by the metro Atlanta area.

There have been some legitimate concerns as to the security of the 2020 election that have been raised, particularly as it comes to mail-in ballots.

For many Americans, it’s hard to imagine that mail-in ballots have no security concerns whatsoever. That’s why many Republican-controlled states have passed legislation to regulate mail-in ballots for future elections.

Universities don’t send students final exams by mail for students to complete them at home, do they? It’s almost like there’s too much of an opportunity for fraud to creep in, right?

So then why would we trust our elections to be carried out at home with mail-in ballots? It makes no sense whatsoever.

That being said, it may be that Trump and Giuliani overplayed their hand on this issue and they have both faced consequences. But in Trump’s case, he is the leading Republican candidate in the 2024 election cycle.

So he may still have the opportunity to redeem himself in a potential rematch against incumbent Joe Biden.

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