Ted Cruz brutally took down this world leader with one sentence

ted cruz

Senators don’t usually trade jabs with foreign governments. But Ted Cruz has had enough.

And now he brutally took down this world leader with one sentence.

Ted Cruz has made a name for himself as a tried and true conservative Senator.

One of his best qualities, though, is his refusal to let the border crisis go under the radar.

As a Senator from Texas, he obviously has a vested interest in the issue, but it affects all of us.

And his ire isn’t restricted to Biden and the Democrats, it’s going international.

Cruz slammed leftist Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known as AMLO, this week for demanding that the United States give billions of dollars to Latin American countries and assist Marxist regimes, or else Mexico will continue to allow illegal aliens to flood the southern border.

Cruz’s comments come after AMLO stated in an interview aired on Sunday that he had abolished corruption in Mexico and that the hundreds of political assassinations carried out in his country each year pose no threat to democracy.

AMLO demanded earlier this year that if the United States wanted to help combat the millions of illegal aliens crossing the southern border, it would have to give tens of billions of dollars per year to Latin American countries, grant work visas to ten million illegal aliens in the United States, lift sanctions on socialist Venezuela, and end the embargo on communist Cuba.

“Notice his demands. His demands are end the embargo against Cuba. And end the sanctions against Venezuela,” Cruz said on his “Verdict” podcast.

“He’s standing with communist dictators in Cuba and Venezuela,” he said.

“That’s who he aligns himself with is the hard-left anti-American Communist axis through Latin America. That’s who AMLO is. So it’s not surprising. That’s who he’s always been.”

“Is he trying to extort America? Of course,” Cruz said before comparing AMLO’s remarks to the mob trying to shake down a business.

“‘Nice little bar you got here, shame if something happened to it. Boy, a fire would do real damage.’ He said, ‘Well, we’ll keep these migrants coming. Unless you pay us off. Just you know, a bag of cash each week would be good. I’ll send my guys to pick it up.’”

Cruz claimed that AMLO, whose philosophy for fighting with drug cartels is “hugs not bullets,” is not frightened of President Joe Biden because Biden “is weak.”

“Look, Marxist gonna Marxist. That’s who they are,” he added.

“He is going to engage in anti-American rhetoric. The only thing he responds to his strength. This Biden White House is not capable of strength against leftists, against enemies of America. They’re only capable of strength against our friends. They’re only capable of undermining allies of America.”

And Cruz couldn’t be more right. Biden has undermined Israel after it was attacked by terrorists on October 7th of last year.

He sold out all of the Afghanis who fought to keep the Taliban out of power when he decided to withdraw.

And now he’s going to sell you and your family out to the highest bidder because he lacks the spine to do something about the mess he has made.

Would you expect anything else from him?

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