The View’s Joy Behar is in deep trouble after making a death threat towards Trump

joy behar

Behar’s feud with Donald Trump has been going on for a while now. But now it’s gone too far.

And The View’s Joy Behar is in deep trouble after making a death threat towards Trump.

Former President Donald Trump is the subject of many attacks from the radical Left.

ABC’s “The View” is one of the most notable television programs out there that’s firmly anti-Trump.

Their unhinged Leftist hosts usually have nothing nice to say about Trump or Republicans.

But now co-host Joy Behar has gone too far with making a death wish against the former president.

When speaking about Nikki Haley’s run for the Republican nomination, Behar said that she might be in the race still in case something bad happens to Trump.

Behar’s comments came after co-host Whoopi Goldberg questioned why Haley was still in the race after failing to defeat Trump in the first two voting contests of the Republican primary.

“I need you guys to tell me why she thinks there’s a path forward,” Goldberg said.

“Because she’s not removing herself, so I’m curious what your thought is.”

“Well, in the words of Lawrence O’Donnell, ‘maybe he’ll choke on a cheeseburger,'” Behar said to laughter from her co-hosts and the audience.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin then said of Haley staying in the race, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with continuing to fight.”

“She was a two-term governor of South Carolina. I see the math as very hard because Trump has kind of set up the primary so it favors him. Nevada, he changed the rules so that – it favors him. All the Super Tuesday states are winner-take-all, that favors him.”

Then co-host Sunny Hostin said that “real Republicans” needed to vote for Joe Biden in the general election, to which Griffin, an alleged Republican, said, “I’m going to listen to Joe Biden. I’m going to hear what he has to say.”

Looks like yet another day of low-IQ thoughts circling around the room from the ladies of The View.

Perhaps instead of joking about Trump choking to death, Behar and her co-hosts should start wondering why their show is so unlikeable.

And they should also consider properly reading up on the topics they discuss before spewing nonsense about something they have no clue about.

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