The White House has been hacked and compromised by a top foreign enemy

Joe Biden

The Biden administration is in total chaos. They don’t know how this happened.

Because the White House has admitted to being hacked by this top foreign enemy.

According to Microsoft’s announcement on Wednesday, hackers with ties to the Chinese government accessed the email accounts of about 25 organizations, including government entities.

The White House stated that the United States has reported the digital intrusion to Microsoft, but Microsoft did not specify which organizations or nations were affected.

Microsoft’s cloud security was breached on Wednesday, and according to a statement released by National Security Council spokesperson Adam Hodge, the breach “affected unclassified systems.”

“Officials immediately contacted Microsoft to find the source and vulnerability in their cloud service,” he added.

“We detected it fairly rapidly and we were able to prevent further breaches. The matter is still being investigated so I have to leave it there,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan shared with the media.

The Washington Post, citing an unnamed source, reported that the number of compromised U.S. email accounts was small and that the attack looked to be targeted. According to the Post’s investigation, email accounts associated with the Pentagon, the intelligence community, and the military were not compromised.

Microsoft released a statement on its website saying that a hacker organization it dubbed “Storm-0558” used counterfeit digital authentication tokens to gain entry to Outlook webmail accounts. This action started back in May.

Moreover, “as with any observed nation-state actor activity, Microsoft has contacted all targeted or compromised organizations directly via their tenant admins and provided them with important information to help them investigate and respond,” the company said in a statement.

When accused of conducting state-sponsored hacking campaigns, Beijing usually disputes the allegations.

But it’s quite clear that the Chinese are up to more shenanigans than they are letting on.

Just earlier this year, they were caught flying a spy balloon, illegally, over American airspace to capture data on American military and government institutions.

The Chinese government said that it was an accident and that the balloon simply blew off its original course. They even got testy with the U.S. federal government for daring to shoot down their spy balloon.

CIA officials have said that it’s possible that China got valuable intel from their spy balloons because their satellites are simply not as good as the United States’.

It’s still unknown what China got from the spy balloon and what they plan to do with that intel.

Combine this news that the Chinese have hacked American government emails, and it certainly feels like China is intentionally heating up this sort of cold war we’re seeing unfold over these past few years.

It will be interesting to see what comment the Biden administration has for the Chinese government in the wake of this hack.

The last thing he can afford to do right now is appear weak and play this off as if it was just something that happens in the information age. It’s unacceptable and the Chinese government needs to be warned that their antics stop right now.

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