The White House just got rocked by this unexpected report about Joe Biden

White House

Damage control has been a focus of the Biden White House since he took office. But there’s no hiding anymore.

Because the White House just got rocked by this unexpected report about Joe Biden.

In recent weeks and months, Joe Biden has been touting his economic success, claiming that Bidenomics is working and that America is more prosperous today than when he took office two and a half years ago.

Of course, Americans don’t feel the same way. Polls show that the vast majority of Americans are low on the economy as it pertains to Joe Biden’s handling of national fiscal policy.

All you have to do is look around and see that gas prices are still at eye-watering levels and that the housing crisis has not been brought under control whatsoever.

The Biden administration’s response to this has not been to approach the issue with fiscal responsibility. Instead, they’ve spent more and more American taxpayer dollars with no care in the world, expecting there to be no consequences.

They seem to think that having the federal reserve continue to jack up interest rates, which have caused a housing crisis, will fix the economy and bring down inflation.

While it is true that inflation in certain sectors of the economy has cooled, largely it’s still way higher than it ever was under the administration of President Donald Trump.

And now there’s even more bad news around the economy that the Joe Biden administration simply didn’t see coming as a result of their poor fiscal policy.

According to the latest reports, inflation is back on the rise after Americans have enjoyed a net cooling off of overall inflation for the past several months.

The Biden administration’s goal of having net inflation drop down to 2% annually is still far off as the July Consumer Price Index has pegged annual inflation as back up to 3.2%.

This news of inflation going back on the rise despite the Federal Reserve’s constant interest rate increases rocked all of Washington, D.C. and even the Leftist media outlets sounded the alarm.

In light of this news, Joe Biden has been put on blast for simply failing to do what he said he would do in bringing inflation under control.

Appearing on Fox News, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, Tiana Lowe, pointed out that overall inflation since Joe Biden has taken office is off the charts.

A panelist that appeared on Fox News when this news broke also made note that the increase in inflation isn’t isolated to optional goods and services.

No, these are living necessities that Americans are spending more on as a result of the Biden administration’s failures.

You can expect the Federal Reserve and the Biden administration to jack up interest rates even more, which will cause an even worse housing crisis and tighten the housing inventory.

All the while, they will continue to print money like there’s no tomorrow expecting no consequences as a result.

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