This John Fetterman video is the scariest thing you’ll see

John Fetterman

Everyone knows something is wrong with U.S. Senator John Fetterman. That’s what makes this revelation so concerning.

And this John Fetterman video is the scariest thing you’ll see.

U.S. Senator John Fetterman has returned to the upper congressional chamber since being out of commission due to health issues related to his major stroke from 2022.

And just this week, Fetterman appeared at the Senate Banking Committee hearing and questioned the bankers who came before the Senate to testify.

The problem is that it got ugly super fast.

Fetterman didn’t just “struggle” to be a participating Senator in the hearing, it was truly scary to see how little he was able to conduct his job.

He could barely get through basic thoughts that he wanted to share in the hearing and it brought the whole thing to a halt.

Just try to read what he said during the hearing without being confused.

“So, I went up on the Internet, and it’s like, it did happen. It did happen. It did happen,” Fetterman said of a New York Post article that talked about a banker who enjoyed vacations after a banking collapse.

“You know, I’ve never been to Hawaii, and neither has my family. I guess I’ve never cranked, excuse me, crashed a bank,” he continued.

The video is even worse, just take a look.

The Fetterman office said that they have been “open about the fact” that Fetterman is still struggling as a result of his stroke.

They also called anyone making fun of it “losers.”

“For many months, we have been clear and open about the fact that John still faces challenges with auditory processing challenges as a result of his stroke. His doctors expect his abilities to improve, but in the meantime, if pathetic losers want to make fun of someone who struggles with speech as the result of a stroke, that’s up to them,” the Fetterman communications director said.

Obviously, a major stroke isn’t funny, but what people are making fun of is the fact that the Democrats think this is acceptable.

His performance so far as a U.S. Senator has been so bad it’s almost comical. But it’s also sad just how little those around him care.

If he had someone close to him that actually cared, they’d be telling him the truth that he should focus on his health and resign from the U.S. Senate.

But that wouldn’t work for the Democrats now, would it?

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