This video suddenly went viral around the world, mocking President Biden

Joe Biden

Foreign policy has to be one of Biden’s worst failure areas. Even Democrats acknowledge how terrible his foreign policy has been.

It’s also growing worse. because this video suddenly went viral around the world, mocking President Biden.

The disastrous withdrawal of President Biden from Afghanistan recently had its anniversary.

He swiftly withdrew, leaving behind billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware and putting Americans at risk of terrorist vengeance.

Biden’s approval ratings were seriously damaged by the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, and they haven’t recovered.

Americans are once again aware of the significant foreign policy failure.

According to the reports, the Taliban recently paraded in front of the American embassy in Kabul to celebrate the Biden administration’s abject failure.

In addition, the Taliban set off fireworks while boastfully declaring that they have taken control of the area since the fall of Afghanistan one year ago.

Under the leadership of George Bush and Barack Obama, Afghanistan had long been a catastrophe.

Donald Trump made the best of the situation presented to him despite it being a catastrophe. Nevertheless, some conservatives argue that he didn’t go far enough to prepare for his exit from office.

Then Biden shows up and hastily removes our troops without thinking.

He holds Donald Trump responsible, but the situation has been developing for 20 years.

Biden also abandoned equipment worth billions of dollars for the terrorists to use whenever they saw fit.

This political scandal is probably a stain on his government that he can never get rid of.

Make no mistake, the Taliban are applauding Biden’s stupidity.

With a President like Donald Trump in charge, it’s difficult to envision any foreign threat carrying out such a demonstration in front of a U.S. Embassy.

Without a question, he exuded a serious feeling of strength that other countries didn’t want to meddle with.

On the other hand, Biden looks to have no idea what is happening at any time, thus he is unable to show any strength.