Top Democrat’s career may be over after being hit with this devastating scheme

Michelle Lujan Grisham

The Left has a habit of destroying everything in their path. That includes their own jobs.

And this top Democrat’s career may be over after being hit with this devastating scheme.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has been under heavy criticism the past few weeks, and rightfully so.

She recently unveiled a new gun ban in the city of Albuquerque that prohibited citizens from being able to legally conceal and openly carry firearms for 30 days.

This unconstitutional order was in response to high crime in the area and was put into effect under the guise of a “public health order.”

But the only thing Grisham did was strip Americans from the right to protect themselves with a firearm.

The New Mexico Governor received a lot of criticism from Republicans and even Democrats.

Ultimately, the courts made Grisham amended the ban to only include parks and playgrounds as sites where citizens can’t carry guns.

But New Mexico Republicans feel as though Governor Grisham needs to be punished further.

This week, State Representatives John Block (R) and Stefani Lord (R) have approached legislators in New Mexico with a petition to begin an extraordinary impeachment session against the Governor.

In a released statement, Lord said, “The U.S. Constitution is absolute and designed to protect the rights of the people against tyrannical decisions like Governor Lujan attempted to do.”

A website has even been launched for fundraising purposes, and to gather signatures for a petition that asks Grisham to resign.

“We are taking formal steps for Gov. Lujan Girsham’s impeachment because her despotic actions violated her oath and put every single New Mexican in danger,” State Rep. Block said.

“We must nip this governor’s lawlessness in the bud, which is why we have led the charge since day one to see the governor impeached. We mustn’t fail in this effort, or else every petty tyrant across the land will use Lujan Grisham’s illegal actions as precedent to seize more power by trampling on American’s rights.”

It’s refreshing to see lawmakers stand up for the rights of Americans. Especially the right to protect one’s self.

But since Governor Grisham doesn’t believe in that right, her decision to institute a gun ban has certainly jeopardized her political career.

And state Republicans are going to do everything they can to make sure she pays for her mistake.

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