Donald Trump just delivered Michelle Obama appalling news that have Democrats panicking

Michelle Obama

Democrats are hoping the former first lady enters the race to defeat Trump. But their hopes may soon be crushed.

Because Donald Trump just delivered Michelle Obama appalling news that has Democrats panicking.

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are disastrous.

His poll numbers aren’t much better as he’s currently trailing former President Donald Trump in multiple crucial swing states.

That has some members of the Left scheming to see if there’s a better candidate out there to replace the 81-year-old president.

The Democrats’ dream candidate would be former first lady Michelle Obama. They believe that she would cruise to victory and deliver them to the promised land should she run for president.

Unfortunately for the Left, Michelle has come out and endorsed Biden for president as well as announced that she has no intentions of running herself.

That hasn’t stopped any speculation of her still throwing her hat in the ring, however.

But a new poll just dropped that could very well put a halt to those speculations for good.

According to a J.L. Partners poll, in a hypothetical matchup between Michelle Obama and Donald Trump, the former president is leading 46% to 43%.

In that same poll, Trump is also leading Biden 46% to 43%.

Despite Michelle’s popularity among Democrats, especially compared to Biden, she too would have trouble defeating Trump.

“Voters are no more keen to vote for Michelle over Trump than they are for Biden, with Trump beating her overall and even with Independents,” said James Johnson, a co-founder of J.L. Partners.

“It was never very realistic, but this poll puts paid to the idea she can be any kind of saving force for the Democrats.”

Democrats have to be pressing the panic button now.

While Michelle Obama entering the race was considered a long shot, the Left was still holding out hope that she would swoop in and save them from the train wreck that is the Biden campaign.

Americans at this point are so sick of the radical policies from the Left, that they likely aren’t willing to vote for them no matter who appears on the ticket as a Democratic presidential candidate.

So this poll by J.L. Partners is certainly a win for the Right and the Trump campaign.

It will serve as crucial momentum as the presidential election starts to creep closer and closer.

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