U.S. Senator gets utterly ROASTED and smacked with major reality check

Howard Schultz

Senate hearings too often become political theater. Senators are just looking for their two minutes of fame.

But you have to see this U.S. Senator get ROASTED and smacked with a huge reality check.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is known for being an unashamed socialist and has been that way for a long time.

He’s extremely hostile to the American dream and the capitalist system that has made America the incredible nation it is today.

Sanders and socialists like him just can’t stand it when they see someone succeeding in business.

Unfortunately, the type of socialism that Sanders peddles has become quite popular within the Democrat Party as now most Democrats in Congress would say they are “democratic socialists,” which is just a fancy way of saying they are socialists but want to distance themselves from the hammer and sickle.

Recently, Senate Democrats launched an investigation into the massively popular U.S. coffee company, Starbucks, and whether the company tried to stifle employee unionization.

The former CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz appeared before Congress and was met with extreme hostility from the Democrats on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Senator Bernie Sanders regularly referred to Schultz as a “billionaire” as some sort of a slight on the Starbucks CEO’s character and integrity.

Schultz was also met with hostility from Senate Democrat Tina Smith (D-MN) who just outright tried to use “billionaire” to attack Schultz personally.

Howard Schultz had enough with the attacks on his character and integrity and finally stood up to the Democrats during the hearing, reminding them that he grew up in federally subsidized housing and that he “came from nothing.”

“The last thing you said, and it’s been said many times by the chairman [Sanders], I just want to make a point of that. This this moniker of billionaire…

“I grew up in federally subsidized housing,” Schultz said. “My parents never owned a home. I came from nothing.”

Then he reminded his critics of the American dream that they are supposed to be defending as U.S. Senators.

“Yes, I have billions of dollars,” Schultz said. “I earned it. No one gave it to me and I’ve shared it constantly with the people of Starbucks,” he added.

At this point, Sanders cut Howard Schultz off saying that they were out of time and need to move on.

Lastly, Schultz added that Sanders’ moniker is “unfair.”

Watch the full exchange here:

Schultz has every reason to be sick and tired of socialists like Sanders demonizing him simply because he’s a successful businessman. The former Starbucks CEO has done nothing wrong, simple as that.

Furthermore, it would make sense if Sanders was criticizing Schultz for being rich if he wasn’t fairly wealthy himself.

Bernie Sanders owns three homes outright that are all quite the expense. He owns a lakehouse in Vermont that is worth nearly a million dollars. He owns a home in Burlington, Vermont that is worth more than half a million dollars. And he owns a Washington, Dm.C. rowhouse that’s worth nearly a million dollars as well.

Sanders’s criticism of “billionaires” used to be a criticism of all millionaires back when he was newer to the political scene in the 1970s and 1980s.

But Sanders has changed his tune about millionaires because he’s one himself. Which is the problem with socialists and communists. They just don’t want anyone to be well-off compared to themselves.

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