Unhinged Democrat Congresswoman confesses to sinister scheme on national TV

Debbie Dingell

Democrat politicians usually like to work behind closed doors with smoke and mirrors. But this one just said the quiet part out loud.

And this unhinged Democrat Congresswoman confessed to a sinister scheme on national TV.

The Left has spent decades peddling climate alarmism – telling Americans that unless drastic steps are taken, the world will literally end.

Many Americans are skeptical of the claim that we need to uproot our tried and true ways of living to stop the bogeyman of climate change from killing us.

But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from trying to coax Republicans into joining their climate crusade.

One of their favorite talking points is that investment in so-called “green energy” will actually boost the economy.

Millions of jobs and billions of dollars are to be made from simply changing from fossil fuels to wind and solar generated energy.

Biden even said as much a year ago on Twitter:

Who wouldn’t take that deal?

But none of that is true. Fundamentally shifting the economy away from oil and gas will raise costs inexorably.

And one Democrat is finally admitting it.

On Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s “MTP Now,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) stated that while failure to raise the debt limit could lead to a recession or depression, she may not support the bill to raise the debt limit because of her “responsibility about protecting our environment” and the bill’s permitting reform language.

Dingell said, “We have been told that we could default on our — on the debt ceiling by this weekend. We can’t let that happen. The people that would be impacted by that…[are] real. And the recession that could come, the depression that could come, that’s real. And I know I feel that responsibility.”

She added, “[P]ermitting reform, which, quite frankly, for me, the more I read it — everybody focuses on transmission not being in there and Sen. Manchin’s (D-WV) project — I’m concerned language in there could gut the very heart of NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act). I know it needs to be modernized. My husband wrote it 50 years ago.”

Dingell further stated, “We cannot default. … I know we can’t default. I’ve been very clear about that for months, and that’s a very serious responsibility. But what’s my responsibility about protecting our environment, too?” And “I hear my husband in my ear saying, Deborah, don’t let them gut [NEPA].”

If the Green New Deal and other green energy schemes are so profitable and such no-brainers, why do you have Democrats admitting it could throw us into a depression?

It’s because they’re trying to have their cake and eat it too.

There’s a reason Americans don’t shift to green energy. They aren’t convinced the supposed benefits exceed the astronomical cost.

And no amount of tweets or think-tank “fact sheets” is going to change that.

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