What Kamala Harris fears most just became a reality in the worst hour of her life

kamala harris

Vice President Kamala Harris has a nefarious plan for America. But it’s all falling apart now.

Because what Kamala Harris fears most just became a reality on the worst hour of her life.

It’s obvious to most everyone that Kamala Harris is hoping to be able to step in as the President of the United States by riding the coattails of Joe Biden’s administration.

She and the Democrat establishment knew that Biden was certainly going to be a tough sell to the Americans without a much younger Vice President behind him.

Now, it seems like the plan is to get Biden into office in 2024 again and then let Kamala Harris take the reins either officially or unofficially.

But there’s a major problem with this plan from Kamala Harris and her Democrat lackeys.

That problem has come in the form of Ron DeSantis, the latest Republican candidate for President.

Here’s why that’s a major problem for Kamala.

As we’ve talked about before, the Democrats’ plan is to set up a Joe Biden versus Donald Trump rematch for the 2024 election because they believe that Trump has no shot against Biden because he’s already lost to Biden.

That’s probably untrue, but it’s what the Democrats are banking on.

Now the idea would be that the American general public wouldn’t switch much at all between their 2020 vote and their 2024 vote because you generally know what you’re getting with Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The polarization is so far, it makes sense that 2024 comes and goes and Joe Biden remains the President just on the basis of political fatigue of Biden and Trump, so the default wins out.

But Ron DeSantis has emerged as a real problem for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrat establishment.

Ron DeSantis represents a wild card. He’s much younger than Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and even Kamala Harris at just 44 years old.

Not only that, but he carries a fairly unique political wave that is focused more on success that DeSantis has seen in the critical state of Florida and carrying that to the national stage.

If Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Donald Trump are writing off Ron DeSantis already, that’d be a huge mistake. Why? Because of what Ron DeSantis just accomplished in one hour.

In one hour after his announcement, Ron DeSantis raised an eye-watering $1 million for his campaign for the White House.

The Washington Examiner writes:

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) presidential campaign raised at least $1 million in the first hour after the governor announced his bid for the White House, according to campaign officials.

Press secretary Bryan Griffin shared the news on Wednesday evening, declaring the announcement garnered so much enthusiasm that donations were still climbing.

Ron DeSantis is what could blow up Kamala Harris’ plan to pieces.

Americans being given the choice to vote between Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis at the ballot box sounds like a disaster for the Democrats.

Historically speaking, younger candidates on the national level perform extremely well, especially if they have high approval ratings.

And what does Ron DeSantis have? Arguably the highest favorability of any high-profile politician in the country.

And what does Joe Biden have? Some of the worst approval ratings of a President in the first term in years.

It’s entirely possible that Trump beats Ron DeSantis, and it’s maybe even likely. The Democrats would get what they want in that case, and that may still be a bad idea for Joe Biden because Trump is gaining steam as well.

But Kamala Harris wants Ron DeSantis nowhere near Joe Biden, and her worst nightmare is starting to come into view with Ron DeSantis’s campaign being kicked off on such a strong note in terms of fundraising.

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