A major Democrat went on CNN and made the most unbelievable statement ever


CNN is known for being historically extremely nice to Democrats compared to their conservative counterparts. They give Democrats softball questions and hammer Republicans like there’s no tomorrow.

But utter chaos ensued when a major Democrat went on CNN and made the most unbelievable statement ever.

The 2022 midterm elections will be decided in just a few days from now and every moment matters for both major political parties.

The margin for error for Democrats and Republicans is razor thin as the balance of power in Washington, D.C. is up for grabs.

Only a handful of races seem to be the deciding factor for whether the Republicans will also take back the U.S. Senate in addition to the House of Representatives.

A closely monitored race is none other than the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania where Democrat John Fetterman is running against Republican Dr. Oz.

That race has been the focus for many Americans even outside of Pennsylvania as John Fetterman has severely struggled to appear before cameras without making gaffes worse than Joe Biden.

His debate performance in particular was troublesome for his candidacy as even Democrats argued it was indefensible.

As you can see from clips of the debate, he’s still struggling mentally after he suffered a stroke earlier this year, which is a sad thing to see.

But it seems like he and the Democrats are not backing down at all from that race as they are desperate to hold on to at least one chamber of Congress.

Instead of laying low and keeping Fetterman away from the cameras for a period of time – a tactic the Democrats employed for Biden during the 2020 election cycle – the Democrats are trying to act like nothing is wrong at all.

Fetterman made an appearance with Don Lemon with politically-friendly CNN, and he continued to muck it all up.

Lemon surprisingly pressed Fetterman for answers about why Fetterman’s doctors won’t take questions from the press, and Fetterman fumbled through his non-answers just like he did on the debate stage.

“I just believe that we have our doctors weigh in on that, and they believe that I’m fit to serve,” Fetterman said.

Fetterman’s answer simply didn’t make sense and even Don Lemon, who wants to see Fetterman answer well on his show, seemed surprised by Fetterman’s inability to handle the interview.

Lemon asked Fetterman more questions about topics like inflation and Elon Musk taking over Twitter, and his answers also didn’t make sense to anyone listening.

Finally, Lemon wanted a clear answer from Fetterman about why Fetterman said he “never” supported fracking in 2018 but on the debate stage with Oz, he claimed he “always” supported fracking.

Fetterman argued that his new support from fracking comes from Pennsylvania passing regulations around fracking that supposedly make it safer.

But Lemon pointed out that those regulations he’s referring to came two years before Fetterman claimed he “never” supported fracking in 2018.

Fetterman simply dodged the question and lied more saying he supported fracking “directly across the street” from where he lives.

Fetterman’s lies and incapability to be straight with anyone at all is a growing problem and could cost the Democrats their majority in the U.S. Senate.

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