A major Trump rival is considering a surprising return to the presidential race

chris christie

Donald Trump thought he got rid of this competitor for good. But now that may have been wishful thinking.

Because a major Trump rival is considering a surprising return to the presidential race.

The Republican primary field got smaller last week after former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced the suspension of his campaign.

Christie’s poll numbers were low and he was mostly basing his campaign off his dislike towards Donald Trump.

But Christie may not be done yet with his presidential aspirations.

According to NBC News, three anonymous sources have said that the No Labels party has reached out to Christie’s donors and allies to try and get the former governor to run as a third-party option.

Christie’s campaign manager, Maria Comella said that Christie was not involved in any conversations with No Labels.

“Neither the governor nor anyone on the campaign has had conversations with No Labels,” Comella told NBC.

She also added, however, that Christie was “not going away.”

According to reports from the Hill, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) who is also the co-chairman of No Labels, announced that Christie is “No Labels material,” and should think about running on their third-party ticket.

“Look, earlier in the year when he was asked about No Labels, he basically said it was not an effort that had any chance of succeeding, but maybe the world will look different to him now,” Lieberman said while interviewing on SiriusXM.

NBC was told by a spokesperson from No Labels that they are not actively looking for a potential candidate at the moment.

Instead, they are focusing on trying to achieve the requirements that allow for them to have a candidate on the ballot in the first place.

Christie hasn’t been shy in the past about his thoughts on No Labels. He once called it a “fool’s errand.”

Others who have criticized the party, believe that it would take away votes from President Joe Biden and help re-elect Donald Trump.

“None of us want to be spoilers here, and to be more explicit, most of us at No Labels certainly don’t want to be spoilers who help reelect Donald Trump, because as much as we are focused on restoring bipartisanship, national interest, et cetera, to our government, you know, Trump represents a whole series of separate challenges, threats to our government beyond too much partisanship,” Lieberman explained.

Currently, Chris Christie doesn’t seem to interested with the No Labels party, especially based off things he’s said in the past about it.

But the former governor has an irrational dislike of Donald Trump.

So maybe that dissent convinces him to have a change of heart and look for an opportunity to be a candidate for No Labels.

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