A new Democratic campaign launched that turned the presidential election on its head

Rep. Dean Phillips

It’s almost primary season. But that isn’t stopping more candidates from putting their names into the race.

And a new Democratic campaign launched that turned the presidential election on its head.

New Hampshire is the first primary election of the year in the presidential race.

That means candidates are campaigning hard in the state to make a name for themselves and attract voters.

President Joe Biden however did not file to appear on the ballot in New Hampshire, due to guidance from the DNC, according to their campaign.

Newcomer to the 2024 presidential race and Democratic challenger to Biden, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) filed for the primary in the Granite State, and will appear on the ballot.

So now, Biden supporters have launched a campaign to write in the President’s name on the ballot. The official name of the campaign is “Write In Biden,” and is not associated with Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

“While misguided DNC rules will leave Joe Biden off the primary ballot here in 2024, New Hampshire Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents overwhelmingly support Joe Biden and plan to write him in,” the Write In Biden website stated.

“Supporting our democracy is much more important than party politics or misguided DNC rules. This is about doing what’s right for our country.”

Democrats in the state have expressed their support for the Write-In Biden campaign, with Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig and state Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington being among those Democrats. Both of them are also gubernatorial candidates in New Hampshire in 2024.

The campaign is also supported by every single Democrat state senator.

U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster (D-NH) also posted her praise for the write-in initiative on X, saying, “Joe Biden is the leader our country needs to continue moving America forward.”

“I’m proud to support the grassroots effort to Write-In Biden in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary this winter.”

“We in New Hampshire have said all along that whatever the DNC does, NH will follow its law and have the first presidential primary. Well, we’re having the first in the nation primary – and now it’s up to us to show the nation and world that Joe Biden is the president we need to protect our freedom,” the Write In Biden website added.

One has to wonder if this write-in campaign is being launched because strong supporters of Biden are starting to panic with Rep. Phillips entering the race.

It seemed like just a few months back, Joe Biden was a shoo-in to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2024.

But with more Leftists starting to worry about the 80-year-old’s ability to function as commander-in-chief, there’s been talks about replacing him as the Party’s official candidate.

And that’s likely why this grassroots campaign for President Biden in New Hampshire has gained more support among his biggest advocates.

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