A Republican Senator just smacked Joe Biden with a huge accusation

Joe Biden

Republicans in Congress are growing a backbone right before our eyes. They’re fed up with Joe Biden’s nonsense.

And a Republican Senator just smacked Joe Biden with a huge accusation that had all hell breaking loose.

Joe Biden smiles absentmindedly while the economy deteriorates and Americans are forced to choose between essentials like food and medication.

The American economy is suffering irreversible harm thanks to Joe Biden and his administration.

Joe Biden has already shown he is one of the worst Presidents in American history in the little more than two years he has been in office.

He and his administration have so far accomplished nearly everything via chaos and destruction, and regrettably, for all Americans, there are no signs that they are slowing down.

The United States’ southern border is essentially wide open to criminals, human traffickers, and even terrorists. Inflation has reached 40-year highs.

At this point, it is obvious that Joe Biden and his allies detest diligent blue-collar employees, and Biden’s government has made eliminating their employment a top aim.

Senator Josh Hawley addressed this evil fact on the “Ingraham Angle” on Fox News Channel on Tuesday.

“They said Russia’s economy would crumble under the sanctions. Of course, China did the big backdoor bailout buying their oil, there ag, other countries followed suit. Now we can go on and on with their failed predictions. Have they gotten anything right here?” Laura asked Senator Hawley on her show.

Senator Hawley responded by saying, “No, they haven’t, Laura. But I will tell you this. They are getting what they wanted in an ultimate sense, which is they want to remake our economy. Joe Biden wants to remake our economy such that we don’t have any more blue-collar work in this country. We don’t have jobs for working people. All of those folks have to depend on the government.”

“And all we have instead is this climate green economy, where you have to have a fancy degree, where you have to get a white-collar job in a big city. And if you want to live in the middle of the country, there are no jobs for you. That’s what they want. They don’t like blue-collar workers. They don’t like blue-collar culture. And so they’re trying to wipe it out by changing our economy. And Laura, they are succeeding. We have got to stop them,” Senator Hawley added.

In this case, Senator Josh Hawley is 100 percent correct.

Joe Biden is one of many Democrats that holds non-college-educated blue-collar workers and blue-collar culture in low regard.

The Democrats once asserted that they were the party of blue-collar workers.

But the Democrats have suddenly decided they must rid the country of its blue-collar workforce in their haste to install a Socialist administration.

This contributed to Donald Trump’s success in 2016 as Americans saw right through Hillary Clinton’s fake, empty promises to the American people.

The average American can see right through the facade of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, two liberal elitists, believe that blue-collar workers are ignorant fools who don’t know what is best for them and their families.

Each and every action taken by these arrogant communists aim to end blue-collar jobs and the lives of blue-collar workers.

Because of this, working-class Americans must fight against Joe Biden and his allies at every turn.

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