Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said the dumbest thing you’ll ever see


The Democrat Party continues to move towards fully embracing socialism. Major Democrats already do.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just exposed herself as an imbecile for everyone to see.

To lead the Cabinet Department, President Joe Biden nominated interim Labor Secretary Julie Su.

Su had a dismal tenure as the Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency of California before failing upward into the Biden administration as the Deputy Labor Secretary.

Scammers who submitted bogus unemployment claims on her behalf plundered $32 billion in pandemic-related unemployment benefits from California.

Su attempted to pin her monumental error on former President Donald Trump despite admitting that the state lacked enough security procedures to halt the big scam.

She is now prepared to advance Big Labor’s political agenda that would destroy jobs.

Republicans on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee grilled Julie Su at her confirmation hearing.

Before being elected to Congress, Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) oversaw the plumbing company owned by his family in Oklahoma.

Su was questioned by him about her lack of company management expertise.

“You seem like a super nice individual,” Mullin addressed Su. “Being super nice doesn’t qualify you to be Secretary of Labor. If you don’t have that basic understanding of knowing what it’s like, then how can you truly relate and represent both sides? For instance, have you ever been an employer?”

Su acknowledged that she had never been a business owner.

“Then you don’t understand how hard it is to sit awake at night trying to figure out how you’re going to man a job when you don’t have the people,” Mullin commented.

Mullin asserted that she would manage the Labor Department with “bias” because she wouldn’t protect companies.

Big Labor has backed Su strongly in her efforts to advance union bosses above workers in California.

She backed the disastrous state law that classed gig workers and other independent contractors like freelancers as employees, making them easier targets for unionization aspirations.

On social media, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) attempted to criticize Mullin for supporting small business owners at the Su confirmation hearing.

“Someone should inform the Senator that the position is not Secretary of Bosses,” Ocasio-Cortez penned. It’s Secretary of LABOR.”

The former bartender received a reality check from Mullin regarding the job.

Mullin asserted that the Secretary of Labor’s mission is to uphold the law impartially, not to wage war on employers who create jobs on behalf of labor unions with political ties, such as those who back Julie Su and Democratic politicians.

Like Su, Ocasio-Cortez has no prior business management expertise.

“Everyone in America knows that labor has two sides and jobs simply do not exist without entrepreneurs taking the risk to start a business,” Mullin further stated. “What’s ironic about Democrats’ perspective is that employers are employees themselves, and in a good company everyone rows in the same direction.”

By appointing an ineffective labor secretary who will solely protect special interests, Democrats are attempting to prioritize special interests over workers.