All hell broke loose after a Senate Democrat was accused of this crime

Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown

Illegal activity has no place in politics. Yet behind the scenes, it seems to happen far too often.

And all hell broke loose after a Senate Democrat was accused of this crime.

Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is in the midst of an important reelection campaign.

But that campaign may be coming to a screeching halt after what he was just accused of.

Brown, and other Leftist groups, are allegedly looking to obtain campaign funds that are over the legal limit.

On Wednesday, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), a conservative watchdog organization, filed an ethics complaint to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) concerning Brown’s campaign, the Ohio Grassroots Victory Fund, and the Ohio Democratic Party.

“It may look as if Sen. Brown is using a complex fundraising scheme, but the reality is it appears he is simply seeking campaign contributions above the legal limit,” Kendra Arnold, the executive director for FACT, said.

“The law must be strictly enforced against all candidates, but it is especially egregious when a long-serving U.S. senator seems to be violating this law – and the trust the public has placed in him.”

FACT is trying to have civil penalties placed on Brown through the ethics complaint that they filed.

According to reports from the Washington Examiner, “The complaint accuses the groups of flouting federal fundraising limits by continuing to raise money designated for Brown’s primary campaign after the March 19 election, which is only allowed if campaigns have outstanding debts.”

Sen. Brown is in the midst of a heated race against Republican challenger Bernie Moreno.

According to FEC records, the Ohio Democrat has raised $40 million for his campaign through March.

During that time frame, Moreno raised $11.2 million.

Brown has a small lead over Moreno in new polls that have come out but the race will likely come down to the wire.

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Moreno as well, which could serve as an important boost come election day.

This Senate race in Ohio could end up determining whether or not Democrats lose control of the upper chamber of Congress.

This election cycle they will be defending more Senate seats than Republicans are, which has led to some pretty competitive contests thus far, including Brown and Moreno’s race.

But with potential illegal campaign violations, Sen. Sherrod Brown could be looking at a devastating defeat in November.

Maybe he and his fellow Democrats in the Buckeye State should’ve thought about that before breaking FEC rules.

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