Biden exposed on camera doing this despicable act

Joe and Hunter Biden

The Biden family doesn’t care who sees their misconduct anymore. It’s as if they don’t even care.

And Biden was exposed on camera doing this despicable act.

Just days ago, Hunter Biden was given a sweetheart deal after pleading guilty to gun and tax evasion charges.

Now, he’s yucking it up with heads of state and billionaire buddies.

After being accused with two federal misdemeanor counts of willful refusal to pay federal income tax, Hunter Biden was seen interacting with prominent lawmakers and public personalities at an expensive state dinner on Thursday.

The Justice Department’s leader, Attorney General Merrick Garland, also attended the White House state dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to his counsel, Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to the tax charges and has entered into a pretrial diversion program for a separate felony allegation of possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled drug.

A judge must still approve the plea bargain.

House Republicans published testimony from two IRS whistleblowers hours before the dinner, alleging that the Department of Justice, FBI, and IRS interfered with the Biden probe.

One whistleblower, IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley Jr., testified that Lesley Wolf, Assistant United States Attorney in Delaware, told him that “optics were a driving factor in the decision on whether to execute a search warrant” at President Biden’s Delaware home in connection with the Hunter Biden investigation.

Garland has been bombarded with inquiries about Hunter Biden’s minimal fines and lack of prison time.

Sen. Rick Scott is demanding that Garland properly explain to the American people why a plea deal was reached between Hunter Biden and the United States Attorney in Delaware that will keep him out of prison.

Scott mentioned that in a recent instance in Virginia, a woman faces up to 24 months in jail for using controlled narcotics while owning a pistol, and that in another example, actor Wesley Snipes received three one-year sentences for tax evasion.

However, Scott stated that Hunter Biden will avoid prison time for the tax and guns charges he faced as a result of a plea agreement reached with the Justice Department.

“The reported plea agreement extended to President Biden’s son is a farcical example of precisely that two-tiered approach to criminal justice by the DOJ under your leadership,” he wrote to Garland.

“What is the American public to take away from the outcome of this five-year investigation and leniency shown to Hunter Biden on both the federal tax violations and firearms offenses he committed?”

But this has always been part of the Democrat playbook.

You suppress and silence any information about potential crimes and then when everyone has forgotten or lost interest, you give a slap on the wrist.

In other words, we’re a banana republic.

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