BREAKING: Vice President subpoenaed in career-ending investigation

Mike Pence

Politicians rarely are held to account for their actions. But not everyone of them is so lucky.

And now this investigation could bring down the Vice President’s career.

It’s almost a joke among Americans that the elites in Washington are untouchable.

It doesn’t matter what scandalous or criminal acts they commit, they all do it and they’ll play cover for each other day in and day out.

But every now and again, one of them falls out of favor and they deliver them up like a sacrifice to the will of a politically motivated investigation.

We’ve seen it with people like Donald Trump who was never bought or sold by big political donors. He wouldn’t play the game, so now he’s a pariah.

And now Vice President Mike Pence is the next on the chopping block.

Former Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly subpoenaed on Thursday by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is leading an investigation into former President Donald Trump.

Smith was assigned by Attorney General Merrick Garland in November to investigate whether Trump should face criminal charges for the events of January 6 or his handling of White House materials after he left office.

According to ABC News, which broke the news that Pence had been subpoenaed, it is unclear what information Smith wants from Pence, but the subpoena came after “months of negotiations between federal prosecutors and Pence’s legal team.”

“The move will be seen as a major escalation of Smith’s probe into efforts by Trump and his allies to overturn the election, and suggests that Smith’s investigation has entered a more advanced stage,” ABC News explained.

Smith, as previously revealed by Breitbart News, has a history of failed prosecutions of political leaders, including a conviction against former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) that was eventually overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

Last month, Trump slammed Smith, labeling him a “Trump Hating THUG.”

Trump stated:

The Special “Prosecutor” assigned to the “get Trump case,” Jack Smith(?), is a Trump-Hating THUG whose wife is a serial and open Trump Hater, whose friends & other family members are even worse, and as a prosecutor in Europe, according to Ric Grenell, put a high government official in prison because he was a Trump positive person.

Donald Trump hit the nail-on-the head with his statement.

It isn’t so much that they think Mike Pence did anything criminal, it’s that the “sin” he committed was associating with Trump.

If he won’t help take the former president down, then they’re going to do everything possible to take him down too.

Pence’s and Smith’s offices did not reply to ABC News’ requests for comment.

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