Democrat senator makes a major confession about Biden’s reelection chances that shocked fellow Leftists

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Joe Biden’s campaign is starting to sputter out of control. That’s causing his supporters to grow more concerned about his path to victory this November.

And a Democrat senator makes a major confession about Biden’s reelection chances that shocked his fellow Leftists.

President Joe Biden is in for the fight of his life this election season.

He’s currently trailing former President Donald Trump in many swing state polls.

And according to the latest projections from FiveThirtyEight, Biden is also training Trump by 1% nationally.

This would be an incredible political comeback for Donald Trump if he is able to defeat Joe Biden this November.

And most polls point to that happening come election day.

But one Democrat isn’t so sure that Biden is in store for a defeat.

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) made an appearance last Friday on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” where he discussed that President Biden was “the only Democrat” that can beat Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

Fetterman conceded that the race will be close in the swing-state of Pennsylvania, but that Biden will ultimately win there and therefore secure reelection.

“So let’s talk a little politics here because that is your game. Pennsylvania is going to be one of they say probably it could be come down to three states. Pennsylvania will definitely be one,” host Bill Maher said to Fetterman.

“Well, I’ve always said that Pennsylvania picks the president and there really is no legitimate path for the president if he doesn’t win. And I really do believe he will win actually, because Trump was able to flip Pennsylvania and that helped deliver his first victory,” Sen. Fetterman said in response.

“But Joe Biden carried it in 2020 because you have a he has a really strong connection there to Pennsylvania. And I do believe he will again. But it’s going to be very close.”

After some more discussion on the matter, Maher then asked Fetterman if Biden is the best candidate for the Democrat Party to select to match up against Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden? Yeah. Yeah. I, he’s actually the only American that’s ever beaten Trump in an election. And then, and and I do honestly believe that, he’s actually the only Democrat that could win,” the Democrat senator said.

“…And I do believe, Joe Biden has that ability to win. And we have a great, we have a great bench. But I think it’s a very distinct kind of situation right now.”

Maher, who’s been skeptical of Biden’s reelection chances, was shocked at Fetterman’s answer, saying, “I’m surprised at that, but I’ll move on. We’ll I’m sorry I’m not on the same page there, but, okay. I mean, it’s probably going to be Joe Biden and I’ll vote for him.”

John Fetterman has gone against the grain of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party in recent months, specifically regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict. Fetterman is a staunch supporter of Israel, a stance many radical Leftists are against.

He’s also been in favor of trying to secure the southern border, which is something his fellow Democrat colleagues – including Biden – don’t seem too interested in.

But despite him being more moderate on ceratin issues, that isn’t stopping him from predicting a Joe Biden victory this fall or from supporting the current president.

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