Donald Trump is facing jail time after being backstabbed by a former ally

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The former president is facing all sorts of attacks from the Left. But now even his own team is going after him.

And Donald Trump is facing jail time after being backstabbed by a former ally.

Former President Donald Trump has been the target of the Left ever since he announced his first presidential run in 2015.

Now Trump is facing a multitude of criminal indictments including one in Georgia for alleged election interference.

Several of his allies have also been indicted in Fulton County, Georgia, including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and attorney Jenna Ellis.

But instead of fighting back against the criminal indictment, Ellis has decided to cooperate with prosecutors and turn her back on Donald Trump.

Ellis expressed “deep remorse” for claiming the 2020 election was stolen in her remarks to Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee.

“I relied on others, including lawyers with many more years of experience than I, to provide me with true and reliable information, especially since my role involved speaking to the media and to legislators in various states,” Jenna Ellis said.

“What I did not do, but should have done your honor, was to make sure that the facts the other lawyers alleged to be true were in fact true. In the frenetic pace of attempting to raise challenges to the election in several states, including Georgia, I failed to do my due diligence.”

Ellis’ tearful guilty plea isn’t the first from a former Trump ally. Attorneys Sidney Powell and Ken Chesebro also pled guilty in the election case.

All three attorneys will not serve time in prison because of their guilty pleas.

“I believe in and I value election integrity. If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-election challenges,” Ellis continued.

“For those failures of mine, your honor, I have taken responsibility already before the Colorado Bar, who censured me. And I now take responsibility before this court and apologize to the people of Georgia.”

Jenna Ellis’ plea deal involves probation for five years, 100 hours of community service, and no permissible contact with members of the media and codefendants.

Ellis will also potentially have to testify at Trump’s trial which could be damaging to the former President.

Steve Sadow, an attorney for Donald Trump was predictably angered at the deal.

“For the fourth time, Fani Willis and her prosecution team have dismissed the RICO charge in return for a plea to probation,” Sadow exclaimed.

“What that shows is this so-called RICO case is nothing more than a bargaining chip for Willis. Moreover, this plea was to a completely separate charge, not a part of the original indictment, which doesn’t even mention President Trump.”

Donald Trump is still on track to become the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2024 according to the latest polls.

And RealClearPolitics also shows Trump ahead of President Joe Biden by 0.5%. This shows that supporters of the former President are going to stand with him despite the criminal charges he’s facing.

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