Election update involving Nikki Haley has the Trump campaign worried sick

Nikki Haley

Former President Donald Trump is expected to easily win the Republican nomination. But Haley is trying to spoil those plans.

And an election update involving Nikki Haley has the Trump campaign worried sick.

Donald Trump has enjoyed numerous Republican primary victories so far this year.

Practically every time he’s won a primary voting contest, he’s won them in blowout fashion.

But this wasn’t the case for Washington, D.C.’s Republican primary on Sunday evening.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, was able to win the GOP primary over Donald Trump by 30 points.

Haley received about 1,300 votes while Trump got just around 680.

Besides winning in Washington, D.C., Haley has lost every other primary race to this point.

She even spent more than $76 million in four primary races, which she lost to Trump.

Those races are: South Carolina (her home state), Michigan, New Hampshire, and Iowa.

Haley said on Sunday during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” that she’s going to stay in the race “as long as we are competitive.”

“I’ve always said this needs to be competitive. As long as we are competitive, as long as we’re showing there is a place for us, I’m going to continue to fight. That’s always been the case,” she added.

“If the people want to see me go forward, they’ll show it. They’ll show it in their votes. They’ll show it in their donations. They’ll show it in the fact that they want us to continue to go forward.”

Haley now has just 43 delegates in her pursuit of winning the Republican nomination, according to the Guardian.

But she has to get 1,215 in order to secure the nomination, a feat that seems highly unlikely based off the large lead Trump has earned so far.

And speaking of the former president, a loss in the D.C. primary is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Establishment politicians and RINOs in the nation’s capital are against Trump’s policies and his efforts to drain the swamp that is D.C.

So of course they were ready to vote for someone like Haley who will only help stregthen the establishment and cater to the RINOs on Capitol Hill.

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